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  1. General Talk
    Anyone know where I can find an online paint index for cars or something like that? I'm trying to help my friend find the right paint code for the color that he wants to paint his car. He says it's not gunmetal gray but it's a dark gray like that. Any help would be much appreciated. This is what...
  2. Exterior
    Hey Everyone, For those of you with non-painted door handles and body side moldings, don't worry! Very easy fix to enhance your car. If the car was black, I wouldn't care. I just find it odd. I would recommend taping around everything before you sand with 1000 grit wet sandpaper. I made the...
  3. Exterior
    DIY EM2 OEM Side Skirt Paint and Install on 2dr (2001-2005) Painting: Wet-sand the skirts with 1000 grit wet-sand paper to remove the glossy finish and to rough up the surface a bit. Once the sanding is all done, rinse off the pieces and I used a bucket of water with a bit of dish...
  4. General Talk
    Ok so since I got my baby back, I gotta give her some love and make up for abandoning her! I've started doing some shaving (wing, emblems, door handles, license plate area on trunk, gas door, etc.) and will need to do paint soon. I know I wanna do a 2 tone paint job...and since she's already...
  5. South
    This event is being hosted by, but though I'd put it up here. Its for cars that need to be touched up a little. I'd go but I'm working that day. Here's the link:
  6. General Talk
    Hey guys I am going to get my lip soon and I am going to repaint lip and bumper at the same time because it is so messed up. I was wondering where can I get paint to match to the factory ssm? Or any spray paint that is very close to original color? I tried to search but i didnt find anything.
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    well after a long time of thinking about it ive decided to keep my car...for now and need a paint job. so i need a chop. have three main colors i wanna work with but not sure. was thinking white, a metallic purple of some sort, and that si blue. if anyone can take a shot at this i'd appreciate...
  8. Members Rides
    Hey Guys, Most of you guys know my color scheme issue. my car is two tone black top with SSM bottom. give some opinions. 1.all Black murdered out look 2. keep two tone. put OEM SSM hood paint lip SSM front and sides. 3. keep two tone with hood and paint sides and front. theres tons more...
  9. Detailing
    supp.. any paint recommendations when painting plastics???
  10. General Talk
    lol.. so i see i got your attention. long story short, popped out tires to do the springs install, but didnt have enough time so decided on spraying the calipers and rear drums with some red paint and dry over night (so that next day i can do the springs). only prob is, not only did I paint...
  11. Swap and Forced Induction
    Any one painted their intercooler piping? I dont want it dipped and all that just a different look like black. Whats a good high temp paint that will last.
  12. Members Rides
    so over the weekend due to the gorjus weather i decided to spray up a few parts in the engine bay.... got a few more things to clean up but heres a few snaps.... comments welcome
  13. General Talk
    So the past owner of my house had an rv section on the side of the house but after doing some landscaping im left with this huge concrete section not being used. roughly 15'x25'. so i was looking online and they sell DIY paint booths that are pretty easy to put up and even buying everything...
  14. Canada
    Alright, so I'm sitting here at work (I work at an oil change shop with HOISTS!!!!) and I told my buddies about the paint job that I will be getting soon. I let them know of the details and such, and they asked me how much. I said 3 grand. They looked at me like one big dumbass. Apparently...
  15. Members Rides
    post it up i have 3-4 dents on the passenger side door skin and 1 on the passenger side rear qtr panel. also the only paint that matches on my car is the roof, hood, front bumper & rear bumper.
  16. Member Builds
    I had a build thread like a year ago at civicforums, but I seemed to have misplaced it. Edit:found it: Edit:here are some old pictures of my car, this was september of 07...
  17. Detailing
    Paint Code ------ Color Description ---------Touch-up Paint Code B-92P ----------- Nighthawk Black Pearl -------------- 08703-B92PPAH B-96P ----------- Eternal Blue Pearl ------------------ 08703-B96PPAH G-95P ------------- Clover Green Pearl...
1-18 of 52 Results