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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I just had the CEL pop up again while driving and i scanned for codes and I am getting P1163 and P1298. I have an ES1 swapped with 2004 K20A2 ------------------------------- For P1163, I did some searching on Google and it seems it's an O2 sensor problem. I just want to confirm with...
  2. Electrical
    Hey guys, so I know that the error code P1298 I'm getting is related to the ELD that I've seen brought up on some other threads here. I know I gotta replace this unite, but was wondering if it's safe to drive in the meantime until I get the replacement unit?
  3. Electrical
    ok, threw cel codes: p1298: high output on ELD p0138: bank 1 sensor 2 high voltage(o2 sensor) 1. anyone have a part number for the ELD? honda is having a hard time finding a part number on this 2. anyone know if its the o2 sensor or the ELD? car is a 2001 civic 4d lx any help gets...
1-3 of 3 Results