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    So as the title states, i live in the Pacific North West. I am 20 years old, currently a full time student at the local Jr. college and work a part time job. The car is a pretty stock for the most part 2002 Satin Silver Metallic Civic dx. Outfitted with -apc front strut bar -eibach pro kit...
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    hey, im travis. i have a red 2001 ex civic.
  3. Introduce Yourself
    NEW INTRO: Whats up guys, my names Keith and I just got my 2005 Civic EX SE a few weeks ago. It's stick shift and completely stock for now, besides 5% tints I put on it last week. I've been browsing these forums since I got...
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  5. General Talk His number is 629 926 0289, called him, he's a total douche bag. Denies everything, claims he never did the work and he did it like this cause he was on a budget.
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    Recently i installed a new front yard, paid over $4,000 in landscaping to have it look all good. Rolled sodd and everything. The past week or so i was noticing Excrement on my new yard. I talked to the neighbors who own dogs and they said there dogs haven't been out in over a week. They told me...
  7. General Talk Spread this to family and friends.
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    I recently bought a used 01 Civic. I had been driving a big ol' Lincoln Towncar. I dont miss that car one bit. Looking forward to learn more bout my car
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    Power Door Locks (need alarm) Alarm Alarm Chart Tach...
1-9 of 9 Results