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  1. General Talk
    Ordered my megan drift spec full catback from last tues 3-23, theyre website had the best price with shipping and said you get the product within 4-5 business days, and that it was going to ship wed, the next day. i call friday afternoon cause their website still shows...
  2. General Talk
    Last night i went ahead and ordered Ingalls front camber bolts from Dezod, Megan Rear Camber Kit from robearracing, and a Neuspeed front upper strut bar from Corsport. Can't wait to get these things in, and get the allignment i want! Is the installation of the camber kit very hard? Anything in...
  3. Suspension
    WOW i finally ordered my lowering springs today. They should be here soon. once they get in ill drop those babys in there. The drop is 2 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back. WHOA my car is gonna bump out so much :( anyways guys Ill keep ya posted ASAP.
  4. Suspension
    I ordered my new suspension set up today!! Neuspeed Sports Tokico Blues Spc camber kits I have to wait till like mid march to install them though because I am at college. So guess what I am doing over spring break! I have always wanted to drop my car and I finally took the step. I cant wait...
1-4 of 5 Results