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  1. Mid West
    I would like to get a list of users from this forum from Ohio. Olsen - Parma, OH (Cleveland area)
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    So I'm heading over to Cedar Point theme park in Sandusky Ohio this weekend. Gonna be a goooood trip. I love that place, beats Canada's Wonderland over here in Toronto ten times over. Looking forward to riding on the Top Thrill Dragster coaster... easily my favourite one...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everybody! I just drove the wheels off my old car and got a 01 honda civic ex. Looking for some fellowship like I had with my former car club. I was active there on the boards and meets! I don't really know much at all about my civic, but I knew my old car a dodge avenger very well. Nice...
  4. Mid West
    Whats up guys, been talking to the guys on crsx in ohio and a bunch of us are heading to Edgewater Raceway for a nice day of racing. Here is what is going on. I'm going and gonna see if anyone else wanted to go. Originally Posted by ex-gf Well since the Indy IFO race got cancelled I have been...
  5. Mid West
    ok guys every year i try to get something together and for one reason or another it doesnt happen well this is it. i want to know who would seriously be interested in coming to a meet im going to call my buddy mike who owns zerolift autolab and see if hed let us use the shop for a fall meet...
  6. Mid West
    Where are all my fellow ohioans!
  7. Mid West
    1st of all i know im not from ohio, but i live literally 5 minutes from downtown cincinnati so its no big thing. but now wheres the buckeyes at? looking to maybe get a ohio meet together this spring/summer
1-7 of 7 Results