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  1. Member Builds
    Swap stock pedal set with DC5 pedal set Manual Pedal DC5 set. I was order from secondhand part from Japan. In the set have 4 item check below. Compare between stock and DC5 Compare stock and DC5 pedal set one by one Step 1 : Remote a stock set first and swap one by one.
  2. Mechanical Problems
    So I got my transmission Mounted and My Subframe on and aligned. I also got the engine securely mounted in. Now I am having a problem with seating my axles into my transmission. They don't want to seat all the way. I have tried giving them a sharp jolt in. I tried working the Axle like a slide...
  3. Suspension
    Anyone running this or have any feedback on it? Its pretty cheap (130 shipped) and includes the 19mm sway, bushings, brackets, endlinks, and all other crap except a rear subframe brace a.k.a. tie bar. I want a rear sway for my LX but I cant justify dropping ~300 for a progress one if I can get...
  4. Suspension
    anyone here use the obx rear sway bar? its 19mm and then it says it can adjust to a virtual 22mm what is virtual mean?
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    so what do you guys think about their manifolds, and has anyone bought one and had any problems.O yeah can we use a d16 or 15 header.
1-5 of 5 Results