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  1. Videos & Other Media His bit is good. I lol'd @ this though.
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    saw this and got a good laugh out of it figured i might as well pass it on 1-dont touch him 2-talk to him minimally 3-dont be a lying skank 4-stop complaining that you are cold so he has to give up his jacket (try dressing appropriately for a change) 5-give him oral Are you remembering this...
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    So, to save us all the trouble, I'm cross-posting from the story from user solaris9 that has become an internet phenomenon. Anything in this thread I take no credit for and give full and all credit to the aforementioned user. I'm only posting solaris9's posts, not any...
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    why is post pics that make you say, 'damn son, that ish ain't right' !!VERY NWS & GOR closed this is an epic thread re open!!!y was it closed
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    HELLO, there, I am master of the underground hobbits... :D can you guess who am I???
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    post pics that make you say, 'damn son, that ish ain't right' !!VERY NWS & GORE!! just a start
1-10 of 22 Results