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  1. General Talk
    so i walk into my uncles garage and I see his new car O.o;; 2000 NSX >_< his new weekend car i want >_<
  2. General Talk
    Dissapointing: "Honda has cancelled the new NSX as part of a radical restructuring of its car making business." :nono: :tear:
  3. General Talk
    First real NSX spy shots In previous spy shots we've seen NSX mule wearing a modified s2000 design. Now we can see how will upcoming NSX actual look. If I look really quickly on those shots it reminds me on Lexus LF-A because of wheels and long hood. But it seems that Honda NSX is quite...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Here is the thread I speak of: The site is struggling with the world-wide pwnage this guy got, so here's a summary i nabbed from the thread: Cliff's note Page 1 – Spammer NSX_NICK tries to peddle his website by bragging he’s...
  5. General Talk
    so i stumbled upon this..... new nsx huh? or some crazy ass s2000?
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1-6 of 6 Results