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  1. West
    I thought we would have a place to post our videos...... hey guys i've been working on a 7thGenCrew Nor*Cal Video.... Here's a little sneak peek..
  2. West
    We do weekly meets with the 8Th Gen Guys who are SUPER cool. So if anyone is around the area or wants to come we hang out at the Taco Bell off of Capitol Expressway. So we are there from 9pm until whenever.... I have stayed there till 2am... Crowd is cool and the guys are chill.... Come...
  3. West
    Hey guys lets get some ideas for a 7th Gen Crew Nor*Cal team sticker. I got a buddy that can make them for really cheap. I just need ideas and then i can ask him to make them. It will cost us NOTHING! For FREE!!!! So Post your deas up yo!
  4. West
    on my long journey home the other night i had an amazing idea. as some of you may know i graduated college with a degree in Multimedia. i want to make a video of our crew. rone has some footage but i want ALOT. so here is my plan i will design a route and have some cameras and a camera car or...
  5. West
    Hey Nor*Cal Honda Crew were going in tomorrow to get prices and product information on the sweatshirts. We would like your ideas and input on sizes, brand, colors, logos and anything else you can think of. Leave me a post with your ideas or private message me at Rone811.
  6. Introduce Yourself
    :bowrofl:Hello fellow 7G owners, I just joined about a few weeks ago. I just picked up a 2004 Magnesium Metallic EX. Before my EM2, I was rolling in ED6 for years. I'm excited to be a part of a great community of fellow 7G'ers with so much knowledge and information. :laugh:
  7. West
    ok heres the deal nor cal wired on honda meetup and car show jan 24th 2009 12-4pm at jdmspeedworx 5634 pirrone rd salida, ca 95368 car show 15$ reg before jan 16th late reg 25$ meetup free donations wellcome all makes and models wellcome honda,all other jdm cars euro's etc.... no drama...
  8. West
    Here we are again up to no good! 7ThGenCrew Norcal Mini Meet Saturday, December 6, 2008 Excuse the crappy camera... I asked santa for a CANON..... Enjoy
  9. West
    Where is the next meet/ lets set one up before the rain moves in?
  10. Introduce Yourself
    How's everyone doing? Just got an 05 lx 5sp in shoreline mist metallic, I'm in northern cali so if anyone knows of any meets let me know. I used to drive an em1 but I wanted to get something new so em2 ftw. By the way my names David nice to meet you all.
  11. Members Rides
    Offical 7thGen NorCal Crew Mascot
  12. Members Rides
    heres some pictures from the meet... more pics later after Hwy 9...hehehehe
  13. West
    ill start this off since were starting to grow.. Im thinking about having the new decals with numbers so if you guys are in. POST UP! (post " # - SN - name") #1 - JT*ES1 - RJ #2 - sk8relmnts - Jonathan #3 - PandaEM2 - Kim #4 - Limestand - Ejay #5 - locoej - EJ #6 - WickedBautista - Flavio #7...
  14. Members Rides
    Reserved 7thGen Crew Parking At Local Meet Today. :tup: For Spoon EM2!
  15. Members Rides
    Few Of Us 7thGeners Got Together And Headed To A Local Meet Here In Sac...Enjoy! Here Are Pics Of The Cars That Showed Up At The Meet.
  16. West
    Hey guys, thought I'd start a bbq meet. Lets vote on times, dates and locations that works for all. I'm thinking last week of August, if no other meets are then. Sunday, August 31st 12pm-6pm Coyote Point, San Mateo. The only downfall with the location is there's a 6 bucks I think entrance...
1-19 of 28 Results