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  1. Events
    Ok, I got an email last night. Apparently they're still trying to keep Nopi Nationals together for this year. Although they obviously can't call it "Nopi Nationals," they're seemingly calling it "Motorsport Nationals" and here's what the email said: Post up if you plan to go. I don't know...
  2. General Talk
    Here's the press release. It's really dissappointing. There were 3 more nopi events I was going to, including nationals :(
  3. Events
    Just got back this evening, took 1st in Street Honda Sport Compact. Was a good show and a fun time. Enjoy the pics.
  4. Mid Atlantic
    Who's going? Taking place at MIR, Bud's Creek, MD. I'll be there...
  5. Members Rides
    ok, good luck lookin, theres a lot there, myself and Matt(alpha 5) went to nopi gateway yesterday, and took an assload of pics, there are more, but havent uploaded em yet, this took forever, ill do more then, enjoy dont say it, its gay, but it was there...
  6. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone plan on going to this? i have a friend that has gone for the past 3 years and he said its awsome so i figured id give it a try this year. Im def going atleast one day, maybe stay up there the night and stay for the second day depending on the interest. website...
  7. Events
    ok everyone, its official, im heading to NOPI this year, in St. Louis with Matt(alpha5), anyone else who wants to go post up here, and ill update it, post if ur going for sure 1. Adam(greeen01civic4d) 2. Matt(alpha5) 3. yournamehere
  8. Members Rides
    before the drive home...ROFL
  9. General Talk
    hey anybody in here headin to atl for nopi nationals?
  10. Members Rides
    Here she is at Nopi in Michigan, I took first place in my class And i Finally got the Girlfriend to take one next to the car Mod List Exterior: VIS Carbon Fiber “Evo” Hood and Trunk Wings West Avenger Front and Back Bumpers Kaminari USA Side Skirts 18” Nex-O Black Rims Khumo Tires Dual...
  11. Mid Atlantic
    I was wondering if anyone on here was planning on attending the nopi drift and car show at heinz field 28-29
  12. Mid West
    Whos going? Chi-town guys should either cruise here together and come or take the train and i can pick u guys up....Since u all bailed out on me at WMHM come to nopi ftw!!!!!
  13. Events
    so is anyone going if so I will be their showing off the Vic for the 7thgen group to prove that a clean car is the best way to have a car lol
1-13 of 13 Results