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  1. General Talk
    :tup:Just got home n now postin this up. Just put on my neuspeed bar. I like it :tup:
  2. General Talk
    im getting them soon...wanna see what they look like
  3. Suspension
    I was hoping i could get some answers about this bar. What i know, or things i have heard. It will clear aftermarket intakes due to it being behind the throttle body. One of the best strut bars due to it being a 1 piece bar with 4 points of contact. Some people have talked about washers for...
  4. Suspension
    Here you go man. The nut closest to the ABS unit has 2 threads showing and tight as a virgin at prom night. Top View Side View Rear Nut Front Nut (by ABS unit) And thanks to Clint I can finally get the bracket made to actually utilize this! Thanks bro! Hope this helps with your...
  5. South
    None are blown and koni's are modified into stock housings. I want an iphone + cash. Or a good laptop.....holler at me.:domo:
  6. Suspension
    Im currently running neuspeed sports and tokico blues. We have really bad roads in my area and I notice atleast 3 times everytime I go out I hear what sounds like tires rubbing. Sometimes its from a pothole , maybe an uneven part of the road, or sometimes just turning a sharp corner. Does...
  7. Suspension
    Does anybody know which one is better... Neuspeed FU Strut bar OR DC Sports CS-2 If anybody has any reviews... That would be great!!
  8. Suspension so i saw this on and i was curious if anyone has it. and it says oem only. it wouldnt fit with the type s rear sway?
  9. Suspension
    Hey, I want to lower my car a little more than my current height. I am now using Neuspeed Sports (for a sedan) and I am not satisfied with my height. I want to lower it a little more and was wondering if the S-tech's will be lower. Any pictures of your cars will be very nice (+ rep's!).
1-9 of 11 Results