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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    well after a long time of thinking about it ive decided to keep my car...for now and need a paint job. so i need a chop. have three main colors i wanna work with but not sure. was thinking white, a metallic purple of some sort, and that si blue. if anyone can take a shot at this i'd appreciate...
  2. General Talk
    alright guys, wondering if anyone can help. ive so far gotten alot of quick help from you all, this time its a little weird one. so, i have so far managed to loose both of my master keys. while i was fooling around with my fog wiring, under dash, went out to pick up a screw driver, looked back...
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    so im lookin for a new set of wheels and i wanted to kno what everyones opinion on a nice set of wheels. so tell me what yall think? color? size? spoke? oh and my car is silver if that helps to choose a color
  4. Suspension
    i wanted to kno if i needed the whole lowering kit or just the springs to lower my car?and if i need the whole kit what does it consist of?
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    sorry my mistake :(
  6. Photography and Photoshop
    i want these rims (rota slipstreams 17inch) in these colors chopped on my ride royal blue nice metallic black thanks! pics. Rims...
  7. Electrical
    ok so i know when i bout the car about 2 yrs ago from a used dealership it had an old alarm system on it that wasnt working. Fast forward... now-a-days i can start the car and it will start fine and at times when i throw the headlights on i hear a very rought scratching noise.. i think its my...
  8. General Talk
    List on CL for $200, I offered him $150. Said he'd take $165 today, in cash. What would 7thgen do? I can't make up my mind. It's a good deal, but Ben offered me his old ones that I'm picking up tomorrow.
  9. Members Rides
    Well recently I've been thinking about adding a little bit more to the exterior of my car, so far I only have the mugen front lip decided i'd like to add some side skirts so I purchased the RS sides. Now i'm torn between if I should get a rear lip as well or just leave it with the front and the...
  10. General Talk
    post it: Automotive crap you didn't know you needed HAYNES TECHBOOK OBD II & ELECTRONIC ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS $19.99 Paperback guide to your vehicle's on-board diagnostics (OBD) system For all car and light...
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    yeah...i am photoshop handicapped.... i need these wheels on that car... on thanks in advance!!!
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    well ok i finally got everything connected and working fine before i reprogram my key to start this bish. well the car still wont crank and i have gotten to the point where the starter solenoid just clicks.......i replace the starter with a different one and it still does the same. i connected a...
  13. South
    need a 7thgen to donate a few weekends to produce a fiberglass fitted enclosure to replicate many time for 7thgenhonda members to purchase :)
  14. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    what r some basic mods that r needed to auto x for a em2
  15. Members Rides
    Help needed, Post up your shifter/knob pix. I wanna get a shift knob, and the imagination can only go so far. I was hoping all of you with civics (other cars to can join the fun i guess) could post up your shifter knob pic from your ride. Thanks in advance. Sidebar question: Which would...
  16. Basic Performance
    ok, as the title states, im going to be doing a headswap soon, and i dont want to run vafc-2, i want to run an ex ecu instead, and am wondering, does anyone know how to wire the vtec solenoid into the ex ecu... ive read the lx to ex headswap diy which recommends using the vafc-2, but i simply...
  17. Events
    lets get a national 7th gen meet some time next spring . like some where sunny or in the middle of the country. just a thought i had. thoughts?
1-17 of 26 Results