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  1. General Talk
    Alright I havent had much luck finding a rear lip that I really like, the type r looks alright but have yet to see one on a car, or at least noticed one... I already am planning on getting mugen style front lip with type a/rs side skirts, but for the rear should I get the type r? or I also did...
  2. General Talk
    Alright I am having trouble deciding which lip I want, I keep going back and forth. Anyway, I got a silver EM2 and I love the way the Mugen lip looks on it unpainted, but I like the type r lip painted equally as much.... what do you guys think? What should I do? :dunno::dunno::dunno:
  3. General Talk
    I know this is not new but this accord looks sick! Paying for School sucks!!!! :wtc:
  4. Canada
    So, it was like around 16 degrees today and decided to wash the car and installed my front lip. My old Mugen style lip has a slight crack so I replaced it with the Type R kind. What do you guys think? Mugen or Type R? Mugen: Type R:
  5. General Talk
    Hey I got a type r lip but wanna switch to ugen but I can't find any for the 05, anyone know of vendors or stores that sell them. or will an 01-03 fit??
  6. General Talk
    does the 99-00 mugen lip fit the 01-03 civic??? i searched but nothing came up and wen it did, it said that the word "lip was something bout too short lol.. sorry if this is thread space.. i just want a quik anser..
  7. South
    since my k20 blew i wont be painting the car anytime soon so imma sell my 2 items i have. ive had both items for about 6 months now and never put it on. i live in tampa, fl. wont ship items. i dont have the boxes. fla residents only. brand new vis racing mugen style cf front lip for 01-03...
  8. General Talk
    stroked out k20a to become 2.2 liters
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Does a rear lip for a 4 door fit a 2 door
  10. General Talk
    i got a quick question how do you make the 99-00 mugen lip ABS plastic fit the 04-05 front bummper?
  11. General Talk Anyone know where you can purchase this? jw Don't hate because i'm Just making the best with what I have so far.
  12. General Talk
    i know everyone gets those strutking pedals but i have always liked these after i saw them on a 07 si and just have not been able to find them for our cars til now. let me know what yall think...
  13. General Talk
    I found this on another site. guy said this happened 2 months ago in his dealership he worked at in Mass.
  14. General Talk
    When I first got it I just sprayed it flat black...Then I mentioned I was doing camo and BanzaiStevie Stole my idea so I waited awhile then I did it differently then I got tired of that after a week so I just repainted it again two days ago....
  15. General Talk
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    personally, i can't see myself spending $60k on a civic... Version
  17. General Talk
    how many parts dose mugen make for the em2 is it just the front lip and everything else is unaversial? do they make a grill?
  18. Photography and Photoshop
    I drove down to San Antonio last week and had a shoot with my buddies S2000. He is gonna drop it soon, but he has a good base for future modifications. I am still workin on my photography skillz, so dont hate.
1-18 of 32 Results