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  1. Basic Performance
    I've been searching around for a while now and i've come to realize that most of the links are dead now :wtc: What websites do you guys use nowadays to get parts for our cars? I'm trying to stay away from going with a giant fart can, and my budget is roughly 350. Any suggestions? I have an...
  2. General Talk
    Hey guys, I've decided that I'm going to get a cat delete exhaust system, but obviously there is still the O2 sensor there to worry about. I found a 'mini-cat' that you can buy that mimics the function of the factory cat, but is just a small thread-on honeycomb filter that threads onto the...
  3. Basic Performance
    So I wanna order a muffler, but its just the end, no bolts or anything. I dont have the tools to weld it myself so Id have to take it elsewhere. Now my friend is in extreme disagreement with that decision because hes had weld break on him and unlucky stuff like that. Opinions?
  4. General Talk
    Hey guys, I have the stock header, cat, resonator, muffler and I just installed the Progress Rear Sway Bar. However the muffler clangs with the sway bar... what i did to resolve the issue was remove the muffler, and hammer about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch back on the muffler so the muffler wouldnt...
  5. General Talk
    anyone ever put an 06-09 si muffler on a 7th gen? how does it sound? i heard one on youtube and it sounded good at lower rpm's but it sounded like crap at higher ones cuz he took the resonator off, which i won't be doing. i found a place i could get one brand new for 212 with shipping so i...
  6. General Talk
    does anyone have the universal muffler or had this muffler before? if so, how does it compare to the cat-back system? Thinking of getting it next month so please let me know. Post any sound clips if possible (could only find cat-backs on youtube). Thanks.
  7. Detailing
    what specific product do u guys use to keep ur sp2 mufflers and similiar "stainless steel" exhausts looking new?
  8. Basic Performance
    heres my new megan mspecII muffler that came in today gonna have it welded on asap. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  9. General Talk
    Im looking for a muffler like this, I don't like the "can" ones, I like the ones that actually have a muffler but I don't know what to type online because they all come up as the can looking ones. Im not looking for a brand name, Im looking for something cheap I don't mind how it sounds cuz I...
  10. Members Rides
    Did this awhile back when I had time to do things. Working and running a business is crazy! Started with 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000 grit and then finished it off with mother's metal polish. pics don't justify on shiny it is. will blind you in person lol
  11. Basic Performance
    theres a topspeed pro one muffler im looken at but i dont no allot about it does anyone no anything about it.......
  12. Basic Performance
    hey i have an lx and low cash so I don't want to do an ex conversion or pay for a tanabe pipe or whatever and gains aren't that important to me. I'd like something nice sounding, not too deep not too loud, but the muffler tip has to fit my rear lip and somehow not burn it. Here is a pic for...
  13. Basic Performance
    ok heres the car has duals...ftl... but one is fake and it is my daily driver I need 2 really really cheap mufflers that look good and only 1 will be working...dont give me shit about it because I do not care... why keep duals? cause if you see the car you dont know...and im going...
  14. Mechanical Problems
    Hello I was wondering if the RSX type S oem muffler would fit on our civic wit out any problem ???
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    OK folks, I want to finish out my 3" exhaust setup for the old boosted D17. and I need a little advice of which muffler to go with. Here's my current setup that isn't going to change: - 3" downpipe mating up to a 3" (in/out) Magnaflow cat - open dumptube That plugs into a 2-1/4" NA catback...
  16. Basic Performance
    I've been wanting to buy the es muffler and just wanted to know if its too loud on stock everything or do i need a catback to make it sound a little lower? anybody have one or experience with it?
  17. Mechanical Problems
    I have gone through 2 mufflers in 2 months now. The first one was on the car when I bought it, it was an aftermarket fart can. And the second one (that is now making high raspy noises) is an OEM 06 SI muffler. Any reason why I might go through mufflers?
1-17 of 17 Results