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  1. General Talk
    So this is the 2nd time 3m tape has failed me when i'm trying to put on my tsunami roof spoiler. i've done the necessary prep work [clean car, rubbing alchohol] and it sticks really good for the first week but after that, it's downhill. any suggestions?
  2. Suspension
    While doing my front left spring install, couple of ball bearings fell off out of the damper mounting bearing. The part costs $40 from the dealership. Some of you guys who did the spring install, must have ran into this because this happened for both of my front struts lol Should I bother...
  3. General Talk
    for those who have it, what type of material did u use to put it on the car? just 3M double side tape? on the bottom of mine, its not completely flat so im afraid it might fly off on the freeway or something, did u guys sand it down a lil so its completely flat before applying the DS tape...
  4. Electrical
    I am wanting to know where everyone mounts there amps in our cars. I have been thinking about it all week and I cant figure out where I want to put them. Im not looking to make them rediculas, like making moldings andd crap, just an area thats hidden and will let them breath. I have two amps...
  5. Suspension
  6. Electrical
    I'm currently planning to buy the CDT EF61 components, but the mounting depth for these are 2.75". Our cars have a 2" mounting depth and guy on 7thgen did a diy with a 3/4" spacer and worked fine for him. so if i do the same with a lil extra, i think i'll barely be able to clear the magenets...
  7. Electrical
    Does anybody have pictures of the factory mounting points for the OEM fog lights?
1-7 of 7 Results