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  1. General Talk
    Has anyone with a 2dr DX or VP replaced or added bushings to their front and rear motor mounts? I started working on this yesterday and ran in to some problems, any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  2. General Talk
    Hello, i recently changed two motor mounts and front LCA bushings and my car seems to be having tiny vibrations inside the cabin more at super high speeds (wheels are balanced and alignment is good) and my catback seems to be vibrating even more and is hitting my LCAs, even though this only used...
  3. Engine & Transmission
    Ok so last summer before my car broke i picked up so motor mount inserts from Bis (member on 7thgenhonda and clubcivic). He had done the front mount but never got around to doing the rear mount. I thought these would just slide ride in, but it really wasnt that easy. I looked around the net to...
  4. General Talk
    i am looking to do a motor swap i have been told h22a turbo, k20 turbo, k23 turbo or k24 turbo. can you guys let me know which one is better. this swap will be going into a 2002 em2
  5. Members Rides
    First off this thread is not for flaming. I know there are many of you that don't like me personally, but this thread is for my car not me. glossary: recieved rs lip pg. 6ish not sure recieved esmm inserts pg 9 recieved volks pg 11 volks mounted pg 14 Good pics of volks azunex took pg 16 rear...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    My dad sent this to me and its the coolest thing i have ever seen. its a 1/16th scale 350 corvette that this guy made and it runs. :eek3:
  7. Swap and Forced Induction
    dose any othere motor fit in the civic 2002 like type-r
  8. General Talk
    So i was at the shop the other day checkin in to see how my baby was doing, they had just gotten the old motor out and i was just doing an eyeball comparison of the two motors when i decided to look at the dog tags on the pair. When i did i noticed that my old motor read something like 1HGEM2...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I would like to see the dyno sheet for this motor :bowrofl:
  10. Mechanical Problems
    :tup:Well a few weeks ago i started to notice a wierd sound coming from the engine compartment when the car was ideling. Well the next morning i start up the car and go inside to finish getting ready for school. Well i come out to leave and my who car is vibrating horribly and the bumpers had a...
  11. Mechanical Problems
    mine got wet as i hydrolooked it when sucking in a mass of water, now i have the new engine in the idle is very rough when cold so thinking that it was my idle motor valve got wet i took it out to dry over night what are the possibilities of it working once dryed out???? or am i gunna need a new...
  12. General Talk
    Here is the motor i just bought, it's only got 57K on it, let me know what you think!
  13. General Talk
    ok so i broke my front one, anyone know where i can get a good one at? and how much it would be to install?
  14. Mechanical Problems
    So i changed the front motor mounts since it was torn. I figured that the side one and the rear is causing the clunking when i shift thus is torn Does anyone know how to replace them? or a link to a DIY replacing rear and side motor mount...thanks doods
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    so im doing a write up on my manual trans swap next week. but i just wanna share what came in this week :hs: obx short shifter - black chrome shift knob clutch master slave cylinder brand new im switchin everything. so that i dont have any problems later on. Day 1... I ripped of...
  16. Member Builds
    I guess it's time to start one of these since i'm moving on with my K20 swap. This will be a slow build as parts will be bought when funds become available. Parts needed: -K20A2 Complete Changeover (Received: 03/30/09) -EP3/DC5 Subframe (Received: 12/26/08) -Hasport Mounts (Received: 04/06/09)...
  17. Basic Performance
    I remember reading somewhere replacing motor/tranny mounts with some nice aftermarket ones makes a pretty reasonable difference. Is this true? I was wondering where does everyone purchase these at. I seen some inserts for the engine mounts on energy suspension, but are they stiffer or whatever...
  18. Swap and Forced Induction
    do u think its worth doin all motor on a d17a2? if anyone has done this what are u runnin
  19. Basic Performance
    I've been thinking about getting these for a while now because while the ESMMs (Energy Suspension Motor Mount inserts) are nice, cheap, and seem effective, they are only for the front and rear. This is great for straight line, drag strip blow outs, but what about when you're ripping around...
1-19 of 34 Results