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  1. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I'm new being a user, but I've lurked for years. Sorry if this has already been discussed, I searched but couldn't find anything recent. Since Crower stopped selling camshafts, what other alternative do we have? Regrinds are okay, but not preferred, and Crower doesn't offer them for...
  2. General Talk
    Ok so at the moment my car needs new shocks so I'm going to lower it when i get new shocks and springs. I'm also going to repaint the car white (maybe Taffeta white) haven't decided. Its currently Nighthawk Black. Also going to get front and rear type R lips yellow fogs and a HID kit. Should I...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    I just got my license and my 05 EX. I need some ideas of what to do. I know i want cold air and exhaust...but I DO NOT want a fart cannon. Also wat about swapping the tranny to it worth it? I mean its only an econo box. So help a brotha out homie
  4. Members Rides
    9 dollar ghetto lip / diffuser 25 dollar rear RSX seats 8 dollar LED rear fog (from Hong Kong)
  5. General Talk
    So im stumped on what i should do for my next mod(s). I have $200 in cash waiting to be spent, and $60 in checks from my birthday money. Any ideas on what to spend it on? So far my ideas are: eBay Type R Style Poly-urethane front lip. eBay OEM style Fogs. Paint mirrors and door handles to match...
  6. Off Topic Lounge :bowrofl:
  7. Members Rides
    new brembos wit new dronnel wheels 18 by 7.5 front lip ,custom grill rear disc swap
  8. Canada
    So the meet yesterday got me thinking. So I did a little bit of photochopping today. I tried looking for a res image of a BOH but couldn't find any, so left the image as is. If I do tint, and get yellow fogs, I will have BOH for sure. What do you guys think? yah or nah? and the original...
  9. Members Rides
    Picked up some blacked out headlight from Civicdriver03. Heres a pic of them on the car. Also picked up some knockoff recaros. Couldn't pass them up. 150 bucks and they were only a month old. Let me know wat u guys think.
  10. Basic Performance
    I have a pretty much bone stock motor with the exception of an intake, and I'm wanting to know what some good ways would be to give it some more pickup minus a turbo kit. I'm not too fond of header/exhaust since honestly, they mostly sound like crap unless you have two resonators which I...
  11. General Talk
    well gottoyota came over and did a headlight swap to stock heres some pics I bought his strut bar which worked with my intake all we had to do is bend the clutch reservoir heres just a few crappy pics from my I-PWN just the halos on halos + DLR halos + DLR + low beams...
  12. General Talk
    Hey Guys i bought an 04 civic si (canadian Model) in feb. and so far have put in an alpine Deck (IDA 1000) an AEM SRI and a custom 2.25" Magnaflow Catback. Im looking at buying some Konig Again 5 rims, black with red lip 17' and Kumho tires im also looking an Megan racing Control arms and Front...
  13. Members Rides
    Well, I'm just about done with all my summer mods since I've spent all my money :-( Just waiting on the last parts to get here and them I'll have em on. So guess I should tell you what I got huh? The List: - Ksport Kontrol Pro Coilovers - Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms - Skunk2 Lower Tie Bar -...
  14. Members Rides
    Ok, so I put on my red Ray's extended tuner lugs, vent visors, clear sidemarkers and on the passenger side, I installed my carbon fiber f1 mirror. I really like everything but am undecided on the mirrors. Give me opinions...
  15. Members Rides
    Ok, so here's my car as it sits now. I'm trying to really set my car apart with shows, etc. So I need some advice for exterior mods. I'm going to probably do carbon fiber on my headlight bezels and my grille. First thing I thought were some carbon f1 mirrors: I was also thinking some...
  16. General Talk
    I hadnt seen a thread about plans for summers mods... so here we are. So lets hear what your planning on doing this summer to your ride. I'm going to try and finish paying my car off, get a new IPT torque converter, bisimoto camshaft regrind seeing i finally bought another camshaft ( came with...
  17. Basic Performance
    ok i need to find out a few things is there any such thing asa these parts for the em2 check them if they apply 1. bigger intake manifold 2.bigger throttle body 3.supercharger 4.5 lug conversion kit 5.Carbon fiber roof 6.Roll cage ill post up more as they come to mind...
  18. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    what r some basic mods that r needed to auto x for a em2
1-19 of 27 Results