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  1. General Talk
    So here is my current list of mods based on what I think I can afford to dish out over the next couple years. I have no idea what companies to go with for any of this so please make valid suggestions. (stuff you have experience with and have found to be of good quality and durability) If I can...
  2. General Talk
    here goes. ive got a m/t car. sustained a recent injury on the left knee, which is going to stay for about a year or so. when i'm shifting, pressing down the clutch, its totally killing my knee further. wondering if there is any mod out there that i can do, which will help me out in one/both...
  3. Canada
    Hi i'm from toronto and i was wondering if anyone would know of some good places that does performance and exterior mods for a 2005 acura 1.7 el?? thanks
  4. General Talk
    So I sum how managed to have 500 left over from xmas shopping and want to use it towards my vic. Im torn between the Eibach sportline springs or the HKS axle back exhaust. What would you guys do?
  5. Members Rides
    Story: I was heading home from school sitting in the usual parking lot traffic. When I heard a loud crunching noise coming from the passenger side. A girl had backed into me... With an MDX. Of course at this point I am pissed off, so I curse at her plenty of times, making her cry (She was a...
  6. General Talk
    What would you say is the best mod(s) for <= $100? I was thinking Revo SS or Window Visors (WeatherTech)... Ideas? :dunno: Ninja edit: Maybe even a lil over $100 also no more than $150 though...
  7. Basic Performance
    A true standalone engine management system. That's it. No matter what engine you run in your em2, whether it be a d17a2 or a k20/k24, a standalone (Kpro/AEM EMS) will yield more power for the money than anything else you can do (unless you find a used bolt on turbo kit for $1500, but you still...
  8. Members Rides
    I'll let the pics speak for themselves....
  9. General Talk
    yooo... whats up guys? Question for all of you.... anyone have a hid conversion kit, with h4(9003) bulbs? If so, how do you like it and how easy was it to hook up?? I'm considering buying it this weekend. Let me kno- thanks any pictures would be good too...
  10. Suspension
    I was looking at my engine bay and had a silly idea... You see the the small hole on the firewall (not my engine bay...sorry!)... it's in metal with a platic cover. My neuspeed strut bar pass just over it... What if a drill my strutbar and fix it with a bolt to the firewall using this...
  11. Members Rides
    i finally decided to put LEDs in my dash. here it is. I like the deeper dark red color its awesome, it matches my stereo illumination color too! and... sorry the pics a lil crappy not sure how to get good pics in low light
  12. Members Rides
    my next mod is going to be a lip kit, but i wanted to know what everyone thought. I like the type r front and possibly rs sides. Or the Kaminari? What do u guys think. I am leaning towards the type r with rs sides.
  13. Members Rides
    So I got a little bored being trapped in my house. Roads are frozen and stuff, so everythings closed. Can't drive anywhere really, 'cause I'm not willing to put my life at risk. School was cancelled today, tomorrow too now. Here are some pics. :] doors are frozen shut to haha. Crappy...
1-14 of 21 Results