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  1. Interior/Carpet/Upholstery
    Well guys as some of ye might know I'm nearing getting my EM2 back on the road (in Australia this time). As I'm waiting for it to make its way across the seas I'm looking into getting g little bits n pieces for when it comes here! Wasting money with boredom on eBay really! I have a Samsung...
  2. General Talk
    so i came across this and it was ridiculous! the car is sick.... 0-60 in 2.9 seconds or something and like 500 hp with 900 torque? holy fuck here ya go
  3. Members Rides
    And some new pics yet again! How it's sitting. Borrowing buddies rims. Giving em back tomorrow. SHITS WEAK! Decided it's been awhile ago since I updated with pictures. Car is really dirty, so I'll get pics this weekend when she's clean. Will probably go lower once I refinish these...
  4. Site News & Feedback
    What would it take to make the site mobile friendly?:shrug: I try to browse with my palm but it looks bad. It would really be cool if I could browse the site with my smart device... Just a thought. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results