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  1. Mid Atlantic
    Hey Guys, Me and Arlen going to be installing new seats, tie bars, hood dampers and such on our cars and going to do a shoot later on. So if anyone wanna come through to work on your car or for a up. thanks!
  2. Members Rides
    Adrian, Anthony and I :tup:
  3. Members Rides
    Pictures were shot by my friend Vincent. I will post more up as he edits them.
  4. Mid West
    I have a Short Ram Injen Intake w/ a custom second piping attachment to make a cold air intake. ( SHORT RAM ( COLD AIR [heat wrapped, but may be...
  5. Members Rides
    Yay mini meet and Im the only EM lol Oh and I removed my power steering pump and I LOVES IT!
  6. Members Rides
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    Hey Guys, I need one of your works to chop the mini cooper wheels onto my civic.....
  8. Members Rides
    that's all i have... didn't have time to edit the photos.. do with it as you please yes i know im all stock need drop blah blah.. im poor and in high school
  9. Members Rides
    Took these on my way home from the local Auto-X event the other day and I just got around to uploading them. My headlight decided to fog up that day for no apparent reason, hasn't done it since. My car is nearly finished, just a few small things I want to do and I'm all set. It...
  10. Members Rides
    i just got back from a little drive.. playing with my gf's cannon xsi enjoy...or not
  11. Members Rides
    I have a 5mp digi so this is the best i could do........enjoy! Garage area didnt come out good but o well Fun edited one before we moved outta the garage
  12. General Talk
    tell me what you think and any suggestions... *DIY: Tenzo-R springs *DIY:Blacked Out Headlights Future Mods: *Skunk2 coils or GC coils(gonna be dumped) *Greddy Evo II catback *Mugen Lip *DIY: sidemarkers *CF hood, maybe trunk *maybe Red GT3's, but idk gimmie some help on that *OEM Sides *04-05...
  13. Members Rides
    ~Well it was a Nice ass day out soo i wanted to take some fotos ~When i was doing this a couple of my homies stoped by and took some with me ~And the last one i edited from my meet tell me what u guys think of it THE END!!!
  14. West
    Here we are again up to no good! 7ThGenCrew Norcal Mini Meet Saturday, December 6, 2008 Excuse the crappy camera... I asked santa for a CANON..... Enjoy
  15. Mid Atlantic
    Okay instead of having everyone post in the other thread, I decided to put up a new one specifically for people who will attend the Oct 25 meet. So post up if you're in! And places that we decided to meet is either: 1. Cornfield 2. Englishtown (AutoX event starting at 9AM) People...
  16. Members Rides
    Dont remind me of lowering the car more cause im gonna do it soon.. Not finished with the dash yet.. I still gotta put my gas pedal back on to
  17. Members Rides
    Offical 7thGen NorCal Crew Mascot
  18. Members Rides
    Had a little get together with some 7th gen civic buddies today. We just adjusted coilovers, had some part transactions between us, took some pics, and cruised and chilled at super autobacs. Here are the pics:
1-20 of 32 Results