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  1. Canada
    hey boys i decided to make a thread for ken and i. i was thinking somewhere near Grimsby. half way for GTA and me. lol anyways let see a great turn out. Come on Guys. Saturday MAY 15 would be nice. add your name to the list. (im adding ken even tho he doesnt know yet) 1. Taylorsherk...
  2. Mid Atlantic
    Ok guys, let's do a meet for the mid atlantic. I am more than happy to put things together. WHAT: 7th gen car meet WHEN: Saturday May 24 around 11 am WHERE: My townhouse, in Rockville, MD, conveniently next to I-270 WHO: Anyone who wants to come, just hit me with a pm or email with your...
  3. Basic Performance
    Got off of work and found my pretty ws2 axleback in my room. LOL just wondering if it would fit my n1 piping without modification? both are apexi btw
  4. Mid Atlantic
    Im trading in my 04 civic for a Crv on thursday. Im in dire need of a stock magnesium matalic hood for a coupe. I have a vis invader in caron fiber for trade plus some cash!!!! Please Help!!!
  5. Mid West
    Wheres all my Honda owners from Michigan!?! 8)
1-5 of 5 Results