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  1. Mid West
    anyone know of a reputable paint shop that is decent at matching color? :dunno:
  2. Mid West
    ANybody go to Autorama? I didn't get the chance but form what I hear its in grand Rapids next year since the roof leaks at cobo. Anybody hear about the roof leaking? Antone have picture post them up
  3. Mid West
    anyone else from MI besides me?
  4. Introduce Yourself
    waddup new to the sitee.i am from Detroit,MI..i drive a 01 civic coupe/93 civic coupe..on for the pics
  5. Mid West
    if there is any michigan people on this site i would like to converse with you. about some things.
  6. Introduce Yourself
    hey guys just joined 7thgen, I bought my 03 civic coupe 2 years ago then sold it 7 months after i bought it. then i started to miss it, so i tracked down the person i sold it too and i bought it back! I love my civic and i cant wait to gain lots of knowledge and get some great ideas from this site.
  7. Mid West
    Lets see how many 7thgens we will have to represent on w00tward and around the metro area!! :wave: I think we have like 6 members now
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Now, youre reading this thinking that its a rant thread. Oh hell yes it is. Today, my mother asks me to go to Meijer (about 4 miles from my house). So im like sure make me a list. I get the list and get to Meijer, get the stuff, leave, and think its smarter to dodge all the potholes on the main...
  9. General Talk
    Before I buy a cf hood , do i need to worry about snow n stuff in the winter if i leave it on??
  10. Mid West
    Whos going? Chi-town guys should either cruise here together and come or take the train and i can pick u guys up....Since u all bailed out on me at WMHM come to nopi ftw!!!!!
  11. Mid West
    Hey, I am the president of the Michigan Custom Car Association, the club is new as of June, 2007. At the moment the goal of the club is to get about 30 members and have our first Meet and Greet and/or weekly cruise and meet. We have only three members at the moment and are hoping to grow into a...
  12. Mid West
    we need more people from Michigan up in dis bish!!!!! :bubbrubb::domo:
  13. Mid West
    Wheres all my Honda owners from Michigan!?! 8)
1-14 of 14 Results