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  1. General Talk
    hey guys, just wanted to say merry christmas to everyone out there. specially u rj, merry xmas man!
  2. Swap and Forced Induction
    umm i just woke up its about 11am pst and a ups guy came to my house telling me i have a HUGE package for me and i need to open my garage. and so i do and he opens the crate.....and low and behold: i dont know what to do with this one! i dont even know who bought it for me! but im not...
  3. Members Rides
    as a few of you know, my other thread was closed due to a certain someone blowing up and acting ridiculous. i felt a little bad for everyone else, so here's some after pics too. still a bit of a tease haha driver front: before after driver rear: before after passenger front: before...
  4. Off-Topic
    Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe, dont drink and drive come home alive.
  5. Off-Topic
    First off, I would like to wish everyone a shockingly good Christmas! And Haha just trying to lighten up the holidays. I hope no one gets offended, as these were just made by me to post on people's myspace pages for fun. Seriously, Happy Holdiays everyone!
1-6 of 6 Results