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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Saw your guys promo vid on youtube so I decided to post up some pics of an 04 civic I recently bought. I bought it as is so I haven't done anything to it yet but I hope to in the future when I'm not living on ramen noodles to pay off the car =) j/k
  2. Introduce Yourself
    OKC actually, so that might not count as the south. But I'm still here anyway, so whats up wit it??
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hey, this is my civic pretty much stock but its a work in progress.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Guys My name is Kyle, I'm 23, I live just outside of Toronto, and work in Toronto full time as a web designer and video editor. I own a 2005 Civic 4dr Secial Edition. 5 sp manual, all stock, so far the only thing I've added is Sirius Satellite Radio. Don't have any pics of the radio...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    just wanted to say wsup from the 209 nor cal area :wave: kinda a noob to tuning so yeahh haha well heres my baby: pretty much stock but future plans are.. type r lip EL sides hybrid spoiler JDM foglights exhaust and intake droppin it an inch or two 16" or 17" rims :tup:
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Rollin an 05 Civic Dx sedan here and just wanted to say hi :-)
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Drivea 2003 Honda Civic. It is 2 toned with titanium silver and black. My next project is to lower it, maybe an inch or two. All I have is the front urethrane, no skirts or rear. Also, always looking for a carbon fiber hood or trunk, for a reasonable price. ha!
  8. Introduce Yourself
    Hey peeps, its me once again lol. My account got lost so im here again introducing myself to the ones that didnt get a chance to see my ride. Sorry wont post pics of my Pilot since last time it sorta got off subject ;) Name - Jessie Location - Humble TX Ride - 02 Civic LX
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, glad to be apart of the EM2 community. :wave:
  10. Introduce Yourself
    I got tired of searching through some other forums for specific 01-05 information, so I did a search and found this one. Site looks great so far. I live in northwest Indiana and wifey and I have a 2005 EM2 LX and a 1995 Integra GSR. So far all the EM2 has is a headunit and tinted windows. Im...
  11. General Talk
    Saw this today in my campus parking lot...I made sure to write the site on a sticky note and recruit him to the site :tup: :hsugh:
  12. Members Rides
    Found Alpha5 at the Mall today while I was out cruising. Hey Matt, I didnt have your number or I would have called you. Andrew
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, my name is Jean-Pierre and I live in Georgia. Bought a 2003 EP hatch about a month and a half ago. I've put about 2000 miles on it. Love driving it and I hope to participate in SCCA (stock class) sometime in the next few months.
  14. Mechanical Problems
    Hey folks, Adam (greeen01civic4d) is broken down and needs a little help. His slave cylinder broke on him, effectively leaving him stranded. Apparently the mounting bracket broke off on the cylinder itself so it's not a matter of repairing it, it needs to be replaced. If anyone has an extra...
  15. Introduce Yourself
    hows it going everyone, got and 03 ex coupe going for boost and got recommended to this site by clint (speedfoos) told me to come by here from civicforums. just wanted to introduce myself
  16. Introduce Yourself
    whats goin on guys im a new member here i have a green 01 em2 i dont have pics of my car rite now but i will try to post some up tomorrow *edit* I AM NOT A NEW MEMBER I JUST FINALLY UPLOADED SOME PICS!! heres some pics of my em2
  17. Introduce Yourself
    The Names Hector From Brooklyn, I bought the '01 off my sisters ex. and im busting my ass to fix everything he did wrong :punchballs: and make the car my own... Tell me what you think.....
1-17 of 44 Results