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  1. Suspension
    Hi, Car 04 coupe. I have installed some megan sport coilovers on my car. Just wondering if anyone with direct experience setting these up can give some help. My issue is that I think I've maxed out the rear height as low as they will go, but its not near where I'd like them to be at. I'd...
  2. Suspension
    found them brand new for $100. i tried to search bout them but i couldn't find any sample pictures or info. So my questions are how are they? Do they sag?? Will I need a camber kit and will I NEED to buy shocks too?
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Esquire is my Hero:
  4. Basic Performance
    I'm looking to get a catback for the car and wanted to stay within a $300 max. The options are a Strup catback or a Megan Racing catback. Both are 2 1/2", both mandrel bent, stainless steel, etc. Strup:
  5. General Talk
    So I am in a debacle. I do not know which one to get. The Megan Racing Drift Spec catback exhaust or the HKS Hi-Power axleback. Which one do you choose? Raspy at all? Too loud? Look/finish nice? Help me out people :coffee:
  6. General Talk
    So i just got some new Megan LCA's. I was wondering whether or not the bushing would need to be lubed?
  7. Suspension
    any one on a pair saw some on sale at a local Canadian shop I know that the EP3 hatch application will fit our cars, according to some searching on this forum so I anyone have any reviews to share? how are the bushings on these control arms? the car is 02 Acura EL, daily driver, the car will...
  8. Basic Performance
    Hey guys I'm getting my car done at the shop right now from my accident, I was wondering if anyone has the megan racing header for the lx? Mine is an 05 and I was looking at the cat which is directly on the stock header, I was curious would I need a defouler or would I be able to stick in the...
  9. Suspension
    will 2005 rsx megan springs fit on a 2001 civic????????
  10. Suspension
    Just want ur opinion.... are megan racing front/rear strut bars good? I have searched for reviews but i havent found any on this product..... should i buy it?
  11. Basic Performance
    Just got my Megan Racing Header about 15 minutes ago and was looking at parts. Can someone tell me what the hell this is for. It looks like it goes on the bottom of the header Front: Back
  12. Videos & Other Media
  13. Basic Performance
    Anyone know if there are any problems with the HP or Megan 4-1 headers listed? I mean, it doesn't matter hardly at all as far as gains, but for quality. Anyone know if ones has bigger tubing, better welds, more reliable? thanks Megan...
  14. Suspension
    i just got these i need some opinions on these coilover kit cuz i was gonna go with the tein super street but there about 1000 a set and i got these for about half the price what do u guyz think for the features that the megan got compared to the tein super street was the megan a better buy ohh...
  15. Suspension
    can't get the stock one off. there's 3 bolts on one end and 1 on the other. the 1 is a hex, the other 3 have 10 points. what kind of socket can i use to get the 10pt bolts off?? thanks, ive been looking everywhere
  16. Basic Performance
    i just got my exhaust in today ill post some picks up in a lil bit. i lost my donut gasket that goes between the resonator and muffler so i gotta go buy another one.
  17. Basic Performance
    whats up guys does anybody have the megan racing exhaust on their car. let me know
  18. Suspension
    I was looking into buying the Megan Racing Springs, I've searched, and haven't been able to find anything on them, I've even searched on Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks.
1-18 of 24 Results