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  1. Events
    Is there any meets in Maryland?
  2. West
    We do weekly meets with the 8Th Gen Guys who are SUPER cool. So if anyone is around the area or wants to come we hang out at the Taco Bell off of Capitol Expressway. So we are there from 9pm until whenever.... I have stayed there till 2am... Crowd is cool and the guys are chill.... Come...
  3. General Talk
    Does anyone know if there's a meet and greet in FL for 7th Gen Civics? Either in Orlando or Kissimee, FL? I'm trying to team up but no luck so far.
  4. Canada
    ...cause baby xray is on the way lol. She's 30 weeks, guys!!
  5. West
    WHAT -1ST NorWes 7thgen MEET-GREET WHERE - Southcenter Mall & where ever for pictures. WHEN - March 15th, 2009 TIME - meet round 12-1 till whenever CONTACT - aim: omrbanhbaoo or 206-617-5437 :PLANS: We will be meeting at the top of the garage parking closest to the rest. RACHA and BJ's. Wait...
  6. West
    this will be our official meet thread. we will pick places around the valley to "socialize" every month. norcal and socal peeps, feel free to join in! let us know when you're in town. ============================== Cen*Cal 7thGen Roll Call 1. Bis - Bee or Toua 2. metalviper - Daniel 3...
  7. South
    so lets start planing the next one...
  8. Events
    im in concord and i wanna go to one
  9. Mid Atlantic
    just a reminder that every Thursday night in Edgewater, NJ at the Edgewater commens by Starbucks there is always a big car meet of all different cars and bikes. It would be nice to see some other 7th gens there :tup:
  10. Canada
  11. West
    calling all 7th gen honda in the bay! lets organize a meet so we could take some pics of our bishes! :domo:
  12. South
    was just wondering if there were any local meets in the dfw metroplex. if so let me know, i would like to attend. plus im always down for a lil shoot so let me know. thx -mitchell-
  13. General Talk
    Instead of doing what Carver said to do with fone numbers and location, do like I have done and post it in your region down below. This way you know how many people are in say the northeast, so this way you know who is from where and it is easier to make meets. :werd:
  14. Mid West
    IN really needs one, wasn't sure how far anyone was from indy. they do have IRP (IN Raceway Park), well now it's OIRP cause it's owned by oreilly's. if not, any other ideas?
1-14 of 14 Results