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  1. General Talk
    Ok so the first honda day of the year is coming up April 11 & 12 at ATCO Raceway, NJ. i am from Queens, NYC. So if anyone is planning on going and want to meet up and possibly park together inside the show comment down below. I did apply for a VIP spot, don't know if ill get it considering that...
  2. Members Rides
    Lil blur it was gettin dark n i couldnt focus lol what yall think?
  3. Videos & Other Media What yall think??
  4. Mid Atlantic
    Hey Guys, Me and Arlen going to be installing new seats, tie bars, hood dampers and such on our cars and going to do a shoot later on. So if anyone wanna come through to work on your car or for a up. thanks!
  5. Videos & Other Media 7thgen Reppin around 50 seconds in.
  6. North East
    if any one wants to meet up we can meet up at buckland hills mall in the parking lot near sears on 5/13 its saturday from 2-whenever i know alot of people want to meet up!!!!!!!
  7. Events
    This is indeed a mirror of the thread in the MidAtlantic subforum in hopes to gain some more attention. NJ is finally getting it's shit together meet wise :dance: Where: Tennis Court Parking Lot @ Johnson Park @ Piscataway When: Noon, Sunday May 31 This essentially what everyone agreed on...
  8. Photography and Photoshop
    Meet was great and some cool cars there but I am not going to post all pictures because I have about 200 of them so here is just a few. Others feel free to post pictures that you also took. Kim your rolling shot is here also haha.
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Just wanted to spread the word on an awesome site, not that this one isn't awesome - cause it is thats why I'm here! ;) Its a car and bike enthusiast community for friends, tuners, photographers, models, promoters.. etc. Their goal is to provide the most legal meets possible while you can still...
  10. Videos & Other Media
    Made a lil vid of a get togather we had at Hefner Lake!
  11. West
    Hey Guys for everyone goin to the may 24th meet we will roll out together if u all want just lets get a list and a location! 1. Victor-Spoon ES2
  12. West
    I'll leave my phone number here a few days before the meet so you can contact.
  13. West
    Bi Weekly 7th/8th Gen Meet. When: Every 1st And 3rd Friday Of Each Month Where: Starbucks 2100 Arden Way Ste 190 Sacramento, CA 95825 Time: 7pm We Usually Meet Up Chill For A little Bit While We Decide What We Are Going To Be Doing For The Night. Most Of The Time We Go Bowling Or Just...
  14. West
    Very good turnout at Eibach this year! Unfortunately, I left early because it was getting way too hot outside. Anyway, here are some crappy pics I took during the meet. Enjoy...
  15. Mid Atlantic
    Under new management. I know I don't have any qualifications or credentials (125 posts), but I think I can set this up. :dance: Where: Tennis Court Parking Lot @ Johnson Park @ Piscataway When: Noon, Sunday May 31 This essentially what everyone agreed on for today, just 2 weeks later. Reply...
  16. Events
    MAY 30th (Saturday) 11AM G-Force Karts (Richmond, VA) Big East Coast meet in Richmond, VA to have a good time and to meet new people. Day will start out at G-Force Karts (11AM) to ride the 270cc karts, eat some food, chill, Laser Tag, possible dyno, raffle, etc. Time: 11AM G-Force Karts 4245...
  17. South
    ok enough fucking around about a meet heres what i want everyone to do is tell me how far everyone is willing to drive for a meet and about how long it would take for you to get to charlotte so i can try to locate a place that everyone is close enough to meet up.
  18. Canada
    Here's some of the pics that I snapped from Chris' BBQ and the photoshoot afterwards, anyone else with pics post em up! Chris' BBQ Photoshoot @ Underground Parking Garage EDIT**
  19. West
    DATE CHANGED TO JUNE 14TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait, if anyone wants to come they are more than welcome, eugene's meets are always crazy! Im sure Mac and I will both be...
1-19 of 222 Results