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  1. Events
    Is there any meets in Maryland?
  2. Mid Atlantic
    Welp, It's about 3 weekends away and I was just wondering if any other Em2 guys were going to be down there. The dates are May 14-May 16....I'll be arriving early Friday morning and leaving late Sunday afternoon. If your also attending,Maybe we could meet up and cruise?
  3. Events
    I have not been to this or know too much about it but I found the flyer. I will probably be at this if anyone else wants to stop by. Says they have a dyno and food and such. Just read they had over 2,000 cars last year. Thats pretty big for a local meet.
  4. Mid Atlantic
    Post up if your from MD and where your residing at in MD. I'll start off.. Im from Cambridge, on the eastern shore about an hour away from OC.
  5. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone in MD?
  6. Mid Atlantic
    Anyone plan on going to this? i have a friend that has gone for the past 3 years and he said its awsome so i figured id give it a try this year. Im def going atleast one day, maybe stay up there the night and stay for the second day depending on the interest. website...
1-6 of 6 Results