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  1. Swap and Forced Induction
    i dont know if im missing something or if i need a spacer, but there is not enough room for the throttle body to function right with that manifold the way it is. i know that not very many people have this manifold but if you know anything please let me know. thanks.
  2. Basic Performance
    Well, I've decided to change my mind about getting my exhaust header chromed. Mostly because of monetary issues. How do I polish the header? Like at home with my drill. Is there a drill bit that's like a wire brush that would work from the hardware store?
  3. Basic Performance
    I was just browsing through ebay and i found this...
  4. General Talk
    Ok so i need to get a new gasket that runs between the header and manifold. I have a megan racing header and was wondering if a OEM gasket would fit it correctly. Thanks. Bryan
  5. General Talk
    Well I got a d16y8 intake manifold and I found a diy on how to go about doing the swap, but I didn't know going in that all of these extra parts were needed with it... Here's a link to the diy...
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    Okay, a friend of mine has a 00 Civic EX with the d16y8 engine. He swapped a b18GSR engine into it so i grabbed his intake mani, fuel rail, ect off of him. I heard/read so many various things about it and searched about it and I've yet to come to a complete understanding of how to make it work...
  7. Basic Performance
    i have 2 y8 intakes just sitting in my garage and i kno they CAN fit but dont know how to make that happen. anyone know of a diy on this. plz help
  8. Basic Performance
    Last night at an 8th gen civic meet I picked myself up an RBC intake mani....the price...he asked for $30. I felt a little guilty, so I gave him $60. I am hoping that I can get in the 240-250hp and 200tq range with this thing.
  9. Basic Performance
    Like it says. Does any company make a intake manifold that will work with the D17(A2). Some people have said the D16 Intake manifolds with new holes drilled work, but others say they don't clear the firewall. Can someone clear this up for me?
  10. Basic Performance
    does anybody know where can i get one????
  11. Swap and Forced Induction
    is it worth putting the Y8 manifold on the D17? ive heard that the stock plastic will crack at around 10psi i already have the mani, RC440's walbro pump and the AEM FPR so im trying to budget my boost without goin cheap and cutting corners. im planning to run a T-25 at 10psi and make around...
  12. General Talk
    i remember reading a thread about putting a y8 manifold on the d16, and i didnt get to finish reading it. is it possible to run a y8 intake manifold on the d17
  13. Swap and Forced Induction
    Hows this manifold quality wise and etc? im kinda confused, does a 38mm tial wastegate come with it? or do u have to buy it separately after buying the manifold? on the site it says "includes tial 38 mm wastegate flange" now that doesnt clear wether it includes the tial 38 mm wastegate with the...
  14. Basic Performance
    so my dad bought a roll over z6 eg today when it came into the shop i saw the custom fabed intake manifold right a way and dc sport headers. will this stuff fit on the d17a2. if not ill swap the z6 into the hatch so i can have a slightly fast hatch no worries
  15. Basic Performance
  16. Basic Performance
    who makes an after market intake manifold for d17's ?? screw cold air i want increased air flow
1-17 of 27 Results