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  1. Basic Performance
    Hey whats up? I need know how I can get my stock 05 civic Coupe atleast over the 200hp mark, without turbo, supercharger, and engine swap.
  2. Electrical
    Ok ok i got my fogs in all grounded n wired up. Now a wire to them goes into the cabin and currently ends near the 12v socket. The other wire taps into the 4 gauge wire that comes off my battery and is on a circuit breaker. Cliffs: I have two wires: one power, and one to fogs I want to...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    My right front tire is making this weird noise like eeeee evrything I let go of the gas. Me and cheo(jose) he test drove the car and found nothing wrong with it. U guys know what this might be? Thanks in advance
  4. Mechanical Problems
    yea so i had a cold air intake on before a winter storm and i changed it to ram when i got home. there was a lot of snow on it. so i did the best that i could to take it out. NOW, my car is making a clicking sound when i start it and when it runs. what does this mean? i checked my fluids , oil...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    So yeah, RJ asked me to make this thread for him Here's how his car was before he traded it And now.. His NEW CAR!!! :smiley-rofl: Just kidding RJ! :bowrofl:
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Sup People, Running into a little issue for a couple of weeks now, Everytime i make a turn right my car makes a wierd rubbing noise happens, sounds like its some what from the back, so i notice i was getting crazy camber wear on the two fronts tires, so i replace all 4 of tires with new one and...
  7. General Talk
    Was doing my normal run on Ebay for 7th gen stuff and saw that there are now cheap aftermarket, 5-bolt cam gears. If I wanted some extra bling and wasn't going k-pro, I'd buy one. Peep it. Vision Motorworks D17 Cam Gear
  8. Electrical
    Well after 4 years I feel like my interior lights are fading to a dull orange. Anyone know if I bought a few red LED's and put them in there it would look brighter/more contrast? The only ones I think could use this are the air condition controls, I think my cluster looks fine
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Saw this on my local forum... YAY PETE! You're famous.
  10. Basic Performance
    So I started on my new exhaust tonight. My parts haven't gotten here yet, but I do have about 2' of 3" tubing in the garage from the DP and cat I did up a couple months ago. Already busted my chop saw, so I'm going to have to eyeball my angles and do the cuts with my 4" die grinder. This is...
  11. General Talk
    I went to the acura web site and the dont have the rsx as a model anymore. The new rsx looks fuckin sick. if i got one i wouldnt change a thing
1-11 of 12 Results