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  1. Off-Topic
    So about two weeks ago I decided to have a New Years Party @ my house. I needed something to set it off so it wasn't labeled as "just another party @ brad's house". I decided I wanted to have a blacklight party. I started thinking on what I could do. I finally came to realize that my basement...
  2. Members Rides
    Sup ya All !!! Sorry guys.. Had been away for the past 2 weeks. Really busy at skool and at the same time me ride went for a lil makeover ... Well I had a dirty scar on my ass .. i mean my cars ass for an year coz of this dumb old bitch who tried to park in between my car and an F150 ... she...
  3. Off-Topic this would be fun until the day u got canned and u had to take all of it down lol
  4. Members Rides
    new wheels, rear lip, sidemarkers, darker tint and blacked out headlights will be done by spring/summer
1-4 of 4 Results