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  1. Suspension
    I just recieved my d2 coilovers and all over the box and in the instruction manuial it says for track cars only and not to be used on cars that are driven on normal roads. Will it be safe for me to use these on my dd civic? I'm assuming they put these warnings on the packaging to cover...
  2. Suspension
    thanks waiting on install and rear camber kit
  3. Members Rides
    WOOHOO finally got my skunk2 shift knob its heavy as hell but looks really cool now i just gota wait for my shift boot to come in i got from redline goods, black leather w/ red stiching its JDM yo lol
  4. Members Rides
    Finally I won't be ridin' high. I'm so psyched! I just got my goldlines in the mail from Honda05 (thanks Chad!) I'll be putting them on tuesday along with a RSX rear sway and painting the drums and front brakes black. There was a little bit of surface rust on the springs so I think I'll sand it...
  5. Members Rides
    *update 4* new pics with just installed type r lip(thanx again mrtrinh): *update 3* pics of jdm front emblem on car: and i just got a painted type r front lip(thanx again for the lip mrtrinh) that im gonna install tomorrow :tup: *update 2* here are some pics of the...
1-5 of 5 Results