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  1. Members Rides,6001.html Need some help. Posting here for a quicker response. Heard these are good to put on my TEIN Basis Coilovers to help with the binding/clunking issue. It comes with the Bearing and 2 washers for each Coil. My...
  2. Suspension
    So I purchased some CX Racing Coilovers and the rear doesn't seem to be able to sit very low but I can slam my car to the ground in the front. Idk if I'm just not dropping it the right way and if I did do it the right way I wanted to know if there's ways to drop it even lower than it is meant to...
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    Delete Thread. Found Answer!
  4. Suspension
    Hey everyone. Couple of my buddies have kinda given me some advice already but I want to ask the Honda world for some help. I'm looking to lowering my car but I do NOT want to go extreme. I live in Florida where it rains a lot and floods some times. I do not want to be super low and all that...
  5. General Talk
    Im curious if anyone reading this has experienced the ride quality of their em2 with lowering springs on stock oem shocs and struts. I've been a bit edgy as to what to do, lower mine or not. thanks!
  6. General Talk
    Does anybody have any ideas or know of any place that offers lowering springs and/or coilovers at a good price for the EM2? thanks peeps
  7. Suspension
    Alright, So heres what i have planned, i am going to get a 1.9" drop with some springs that i've purchased, however before i throw them in, I'd like to know whether or not I'll need camber correction with this drop? I know on my old car when i did a 60/40 Cupkit, i ate tires for breakfast...
  8. Suspension
    So here is the question: Due to where my exhaust sits near the rear sway they almost touch. I want to get and install a bigger sway bar, but then they will deff touch and rattle. someone said its possible that i can set the sway bar lower on the car. Is this possible? will it affect...
  9. Suspension
    I have a 2002 ex sedan i wanna lower it 2 inches, maybe 2 1/4 i know tien springs are good, what are the drop rates on those and what is the difference between the s tech and h tech also how good are the eibach sports
  10. Suspension
    When I purchased my car 2 years ago it came with the HFP kit. I was told it included the body kit and upgraded suspension? Supposedly its a 1'' lower than other civics. Is this true? If so, if I was to purchase some aftermarket springs that are said to lower the car 1.5'', does that mean it...
  11. Suspension
    I have a 2004 Canadian Si Sedan and while hunting for some lowering springs to match a set of tokico blues I noticed that they all have much higher spring rates in the rear (Progress: 145/350Lbs/in, S.Tech: 157/291Lbs/in, etc....). I done a few searches on some forums and was still left...
  12. Suspension
    looking into buying some springs very soon just cant decide which ones are the best. looking for springs cause not looking for too much of an aggressive drop.
  13. Suspension
    I am pretty new to this site, but this question has been on my mind for a while so i figure ill start with this. I was wondering if anyone had any type of input on what is a good ( not rough) suspension to buy. And if i lower my car say 2 inches will that make long distance trips from college to...
  14. Suspension
    i have done the research and have found that some people liked having just lowering springs, and some say it fucked up there shocks, i was looking at the eibach pro kit, its for a lower of 1 to 1.5, i really cant afford full coils and dont want to fuck up my car, but my ride could really use a...
  15. Suspension
    Ok, i have been searching around the forum and just have one question, what springs do you guys recommend with a 17" wheel with a 205/40/17 tire, possibly changing to a 215/40/17 tire. i want very little wheel gap, but it is a daily driver thanks ahead of time
  16. Suspension
    my buddy wants to sell me lowering springs 2 brand new eibach springs and 2 used neuspeed springs for 100$$$ should i keep away because two of them are used??
  17. Suspension
    hey guys, for those of you running 16's, how many inches are you lowered on your em2, and what springs do u have?
  18. Suspension
    I am looking to buy either a set of Progress Sports (2inch drop). or Tein S-techs. But I was wondering what other people are running, and if the 2inch drop is going to run me clearance issues, especially if I am turning and hit a bump.
1-18 of 30 Results