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  1. Interior/Carpet/Upholstery
    Okay I've been doing a lot of research and I've been going in loops for ages. Anyways, I need your guys opinion. I am 6'5" and between my sunroof and oem seats, I keep hitting the ceiling. Its so damn annoying! My brother has an EP3 and I love his seats so naturally I thought, RSX seats! No such...
  2. Suspension
    if i were to get some coilovers for 01-04 civc ex would it fit my 05 civic ex? and what else would i need if i get the coilovers?
  3. Suspension
    I was getting ready to buy some LCA's. I talked to a friend and he said you needed a special tool to remove the bolts. Can anyone tell me what this tool is called and where i can get one?
  4. Suspension
    Ok before i begin please do not flood my thread with "lower tie bar dont do shit except looks" "your newb negative 1point for you" lol I know the lower tie bar doesn't do anything without all other suspension components, but i got one for free and the look is dmn nice under there.Thanks for help...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    What is the deal with the D17, why do people have lower ends going out on these cars with stock engines. Another member said he changed his oil w/ M1 every 3k and still went out on him? Are the lower ends junk? I know Andy said they hold some abuse, but why do people have them go out on stock so...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    So this morning when I was taking the exit off the highway, deffinately driving too fast for the exit, my car started to skid and ended up hitting the curb, blew the tire, ruined a rim, and bending my lower control arm. Im also going to have to get a new sway end link. whats the best place to...
  7. General Talk
    so i was wondering if these help out at all..iheard they do, but i just thought id ask
  8. Mechanical Problems
    Anyone know how to fit the new bushings in without the use of a press? I've been trying everything, from trying to hammer it in to using a vice to hmm... using 2 vices lol! This is what happened... LOL!! Broke on me, and still left the damn bushing out by like 5cm!! AHHHH!!!! I still...
  9. Suspension
    Hey guys, I'm most likely going to be getting an '01 Civic tomorrow from a friend of mine, and he says the passenger side lower control arm is out, and I looked at it from underneath and it moves around and such, seems like the bushing is bad. My question is would the whole control arm need to...
  10. Suspension
    Looking for ideas to what lower tie bar to rock on my car... I have narrowed it down to Skunk2 or a gunmetal megan racing so what is does everyone rock on there 7th gen?
  11. Suspension
    What do u know about them>? I have a 04 civic coupe. I am still shakey bout getting springs. I would rather save up the money and get coilovers. Anyway, about that. i figured i'd stiffen the body by haven't strut bars and such. The last thing i have bought was a Front Lower X-Brace from...
  12. Suspension
    OK I tried to replace my shocks and springs this weekend, got the front done fine (Mad Props to my buddy Geo). But come time to do the rear's I could not get the 17 mm bottom bolt off for the life of me. I couldn't even get tha bish to turn its so seized.:eusa_boohoo: (I think this is the...
  13. Suspension
    does anybody kno if the front and rear lower controls on a 2002-2003 Si fit on the 2005 civ's? im getting the rear discs off a 02 from a junkyard i just want to kno if there the same, i have the energy suspension bushings and want to put them in without using my control arms. thx
  14. Suspension
    I want to get my suspension powdercoated but I want to make sure I can get complete bushing to insert where my old ones are. So my question is for the guys that have done it are the bushing for the front control arms a complete replacement or an insert? If there not a complete bushing does...
  15. Members Rides
    I want to lower my car and I also want a lip kit. is it possible to do both or if not what would most likely be better for my car
  16. Members Rides
    Some more damage from my accident... How hard is it to replace these? I'm picking one up tomorrow for $30. I know my endlink is broken too :( Looks like it's just 3 bolts?
  17. Electrical
    I want my CD player down there, so my screen can go up top, anybody know how he did it????
  18. Suspension
    do i need a rear upper strut bar if i have a lower rear tie bar already? i have my lower control arms by ksport already , i have my tenzo lower tie bar so i guess do i need an upper rear strut bar?
1-19 of 20 Results