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  1. Suspension
    Sup guys, I'm brand new to 7thgen. I've been on here for a while just researching stuff for my car but everywhere I go, there's always a million different answers. I just got an 05 civic special edition and plan to start modding soon. First is suspension. Big question is, what suspension set up...
  2. Suspension
    Thread title is self explanatory. How low should I go!!!:tup: [[It's not a very good picture (sorry) but that's all I have for now.. Since I'm not at home right now.]]
  3. Members Rides
    So today I decided would be the day for me to lower Meadow. I'll do a proper photoshoot once the springs settle and I put my summer wheels back on, so like Saturday :dunno:. Anyways here are some crappy pics from my BB. The before shot And the After
  4. Suspension
    So guys finally got the springs and struts on. I think it looks really good. Let me know what you guys think. Im at work so I had to take the pics with my cell phone but they are not to bad...and the car is a little dirty. Also got the rims on...WOoOT Enjoy Front Close up Rear...
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    i have read the stickies but any of u out here run dezods kit at 5psi with the emanage with no problems. I am considering kpro but do I really need it for low boost?
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Very interesting :tup:
  7. Electrical
    Ok well before i trashed my car (body and motor) there were two things i noticed that were starting to get on my nerves but never had a chance to fix! The first thing i noticed was that the backlight for my first climate control dial wasn't lit anymore so i tore apart my dash and everything...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    when im driving in low rpms right after i shift gears i hear a pretty loud squealing sound like sssssheeeaaawiiiishh until it reaches about 3k rpms then it stops it did it before i installed my injen intake but near as loud please help me dudes
  9. Suspension
    Lookin to get really low, no lowering bs, i need a slam Im gona be sitting on Rota subzeroes 15x6.5 with tires that I have to determine based on the severity of the slam. Looking at coilovers, tein basics aint gona do it. Tein SS? Megan? Who is using what and how low can they go...
  10. Basic Performance
    I wonder if anyone have sugestion of cat back manufactor who make ex without noicy sound? I want it for a 2001-2003 sedan
  11. Suspension
    The pictures below are of by buddies 1993 Civic Del Sol, as you can see, the front of the car is about an inch higher then the rear... Front driver and passenger side, good two - three inch gap between wheel and fender. Rear driver and passenger side, much smaller one - two inch gap between...
  12. Suspension
    I have an 05' civic coupe and the whole left side sets about an inch lower then the right if you measure from the fender to the ground. I put new springs on it thinking it was a bad spring but that wasn't the problem. I bought Tein h Tech springs to see if that would fix it but it still sets...
1-12 of 13 Results