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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Ok this one I think is a tricky one for you guys. Since I've had exhaust, I've only driven through hard rain about 4-5 times. But when I have my exhaust gets EXTREMELY LOUD. It almost sounds like comes off a bracket. But as soon as it drys up, back to normal. I thought that maybe there was a...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    hey guys here's the problem whenever i pop the clutch while shifting on high rpms i hear a loud thump idk where it is coming from. in lower rpms when shifting it is still heard but not as loud when shifting in high rpms.. btw my car is an 01 civic EX with 145000mi on idk think its the...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    Ok i have had this problem for a long time now and i have learned to deal with it but now that im taking a stab at updating SOME of my suspensions parts i want to fix this. I have a really loud metalic clickign noice that comes fromt he frotn right shock when i turn right. Its just one click...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    any way to quiet this noise without modding the exhaust, like maybe better insulation in the rear seats? idk it has gotten annoying lately and pretty loud and bassy. id hate to have to find a stock exhaust and swap it back, cause the stock tip looks like poop.
1-4 of 4 Results