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    This is funny stuff. Which are you???
  2. Detailing
    So I attempted to fully detail my car yesterday. The car came out pretty good, but I'm still not satisfied. After washing, I ran a clay bar through the entire car. That was actually easier than I thought (never done it before). After claying, I hand buffed some ScratchX into the hood and front...
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  4. Mechanical Problems
    Well Ive heard the 04-05 trannys take a little more of a beaten. Im on day 4 of my turbo finally finished after 7 months of hell. And now im slipping into 3rd which is the biggest problem on these things i know its going anyday now so why not just do some wide open pulls , so manual swap is out...
  5. General Talk
    my mom is thinking of picking up an 05 civic to drive for a bit until my sister can drive than she'll let her use the car. sooooooooo ive convinced her that if she does im getting her black seats (she wants rsx leathers swapped asap) her tail lights and a few misc things. do the 01-02 tails...
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    well it looks like there is some more bodybuilding forum epicness. maybe its the roids that make them dumb but its their ugly girlfriends that make them famous. i would of posted a link to this but it seems somebody had a pretty good idea where this was going and deleted the thread. u mad ugly...
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    I bartered for a bb storm and unlocked it on att and everything works but i cant login to the BIS site to setup my email. I cant get in touch with the previous owner to have her reset the pin. I can pm you the info i have.
  8. Suspension
    Alright so I got a front upper strut bar and installed it. First. I didn't have a torque wrench so I tightened those f0ckers pretty tight. Upon doing so, when I drove, I started hearing weird sounds, i.e. squeaking while going up/down on bumps, crazy grinding noises from the passenger front...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    ok, so i was surfing around on my local forum and one of the members had an encounter with a new neighbor that moved into his building. it all started with a note left on his door from said new neighbor. well i'll let you read the rest. kind of a long read but definately worth...
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    Push the link on top of the video :th_Thats-Funneh: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  11. Videos & Other Media
    :bowrofl::bowrofl: if you ever saw my new haircut your gonna laugh at this
  12. Off Topic Lounge dued i was playing with this earlier it was pretty fun! LOL
  13. Members Rides
    So I decided to paint a lil more.... Here is the results... Also painted my steelies black just to clean them up a lil for winter...
  14. Members Rides
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    :bowrofl::laugh::bowrofl::laugh::bowrofl::laugh::bowrofl::laugh::bowrofl: :tup::tup::tup:
  16. Videos & Other Media
    just came across this video and i thought id share this video which i thought was funny.
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    Do it ******.
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  19. Other Cars
    +/- comments welcome I used the d40 with 18-55mm lens with a filter By far the best picture I took at todays shoot I think Rest of the photo's
  20. Off Topic Lounge
    I have to ask this because alot of people in here are working in the IT field. so if you have 3000 employees (including all shifts), how much workforce (employees) would u hire to provide a help desk service? i'm talking about how many help desk employees on each shift, including tier 1, 2, 3...
1-20 of 55 Results