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  1. Dont know where to post?
    The last couple of months I noticed my driver door key lock has been difficult to turn, and the key sometimes will not go into key hole smooth - 8 years of turning a key I am sure takes it tool, but anyone ever have this issue? Gonna try 10-W40 spray and see what happens, Mn~
  2. Electrical
    Okay I went to unlock my car using the key fob and I hit the button and nothing happend so after a few tries I opened the door with the key and tried to use the power door switch and still nothing... I started the car up and the E-Brake light remained on even with the ebrake down and the over...
  3. Electrical
    so if you have an lx, what are you using if you have remote locks for your car, like alarm or pop trunk all that shit... who has that? if so what are you using?
  4. Mechanical Problems
    hey i just noticed that my passenger door wasnt locking. only my driver door locks when i press lock and i gotta do the passenger side by hand. just wondering if it could be a fuse or maybe something more complicated.
  5. Electrical
    i want to shave my door handles, and get a pop lock system so i cant open it but i dont know what to get ?
  6. General Talk
    I am getting ready to reinstall my OEM trunk lid for the winter season. I need a new lock for it because I had to glue my original onto my CF trunk lid. I started looking on for the lock and found this: Which part #'s would complete the lock assembly? I am thinking...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    I'm driving a 05 Civic EX Coupe SE w/AUTO, got it in May as a certified vehicle. I'm not sure if its covered in the warranty, I'll check with a local dealer but figured I'll ask anyways. Description of problem: -Can lock from outside of car when off with key or keyless entry. -Cannot lock it...
  8. Mechanical Problems
    so i went into a touchless car wash today and they had a under car rinse. so as i was leaving i noticed that my rpm would rev but i wouldnt really be going anywhere at first i thought my clutch was gone, so i stopped then my rpm dropped but my car didnt die. so i figured my intake sucked in some...
  9. Electrical
    For those of you that have added alarms, keyless etc... Where did you access your "lock" and "unlock" connections. I have read about the security connector but very unlear on it's real location (2005 LX sedan) Possible behind the drivers kick panel ?? The wiring into drivers door should be close...
  10. Mechanical Problems
    is there a way? that you can unlock the steering wheel without the key being turned or watever. as some of you may already kno, my key will not turn at all in my ignition. i have tried everything from jiggling the steering wheel and turning the key to putting graphite powder (it actually made...
  11. Mechanical Problems
    02 civic lx coupe. has power door locks of course but I have a problem. The drivers side doesn't seem to work. I was trying to hook up and alarm and yeah. When your inside the car and you use the lock/unlock just the passenger side will unlock. Not the drivers side. What piece should I...
  12. General Talk
    Has anyone been able to fit a lock onto the glovebox? I know realistically it'll get ripped to shit in a theft but I still would like one. ........Dirty magazines.....LOL J/K
  13. Mechanical Problems
    ok, so I was doing a sound deadner installation with some raammat and I was putting back the door trim panel when i noticed that the door lock doesn't move from the unlock to lock position but rather it was stuck in the unlock position. I tried using the door lock switch, but all I succeeded in...
1-13 of 14 Results