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  1. Members Rides
    I'm looking at these 2 lips. yes, almost identical but the middle of it is slightly different design. Just want some opinions or maybe even shots of your Lip on your car. Option 1) Option 2) I'm eyeing more option 1, I like the little difference in the middle of it. Looking for members rides...
  2. General Talk
    Will it look weird on an 05 coupe if i get a pdm lip but no sides or rear lip?
  3. Members Rides
    Doesn't it get annoying when everytime you post a pic of your car someone asks you what front lip/side skirt/rear lip you have? its so easy to simply go on the forum or even ebay to look up what lips are available for our cars... its not much but well I'm done with my 7thgen and thought id go...
  4. General Talk
    Alright I am having trouble deciding which lip I want, I keep going back and forth. Anyway, I got a silver EM2 and I love the way the Mugen lip looks on it unpainted, but I like the type r lip painted equally as much.... what do you guys think? What should I do? :dunno::dunno::dunno:
  5. Members Rides
    Ok after a few months of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my lip, I finally decided after being inspired by Steven and banzaisteve. I chose to go with the geometric camo they both did on their lips. Well it didnt go as smooth as I hoped. For some reason the paint was spider cracking...
  6. lip

    General Talk
    any idea wear i can get a good lip for an 03 civic
  7. General Talk
    anybody have any of the front sides and rear? trying to decide which kit to get and i wanna see good pics of this one thanks
  8. General Talk
    Hey Guys, I am thinking about getting a new front lip.. I have mugen now but kinda getting sick of it maybe cause its black?!?!?! I also had the type r front before i broke ssm, which i think looked clean! but i dunno.... or should i just get the OEM front?!!?
  9. General Talk
    Do all front lips fit 04-05?!?! I wanna get the 99-00 but don't know it all of em fits.
  10. Members Rides
    ANOTHER EDIT: i just finished rear disk swap on my car. took 4hrs, 12pack, 20bag to finish if it werent for the beer and weed probably would have finished in 2hrs Before: After oh ya, anyone who did a rear disk swap...... i had a hell of a time with the driver ebrake cable...
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    I was wondering if y'all could do be a couple chops of different designs on my front lip. Plaid. Argyle. Polka Dots. Stars. Stripes. Or any other design that you think would look good and unique. Colors I want to include are hot pink (same as wheels) black and white/silver if needed. here are...
  12. General Talk
    I was wondering if anybody has tried to color match paint their front Lip in Taffeta White. I am really strapped for cash so i was wondering what my options were? I cant seem to find taffeta white paint.
  13. Members Rides
    okay a guy on craigs list is selling me a front and rear lip for 60 bucks, he says its called type k, but i cant find it anywhre online this is link what lip kit is it and who sells it, i wanna buy side skirts
  14. West
    Anyone interested in this?? its a complete 04-05 HFP kit but its primered, missing the screws/double sided tape and has a crack on the front lip. $200 obo - pending to Rone811 I also have... Neuspeed front strut bar, no neuspeed logo - SOLD 19mm types rear bar w/ brackets and bushings - SOLD...
  15. Members Rides
    well finally got around to putting it thought id do a quick shoot. i need to get the front and sides looks like shit unpainted. oh yea the rear lip is a 04-05 oem hfp( i think or hondas aero lip). comments are welcome. and hybrid wing coming in about a week from hayward...
  16. General Talk
    I own a 02 lx coupe. I would like to know if a 04-05 HFP rear lip would fit
  17. General Talk
    I can't tell you how pissed I am right now, I bought this lip on Ebay: The auction seemed like a dream, $80 shipped for a poly lip. Option Racing did a great job shipping it out...
  18. General Talk
    My car used to have a type r abs lip till i ran over a curb and brokeded it :wtc:, i found a cheap 01-03 type r lip, question is will it fit a 04-05?
  19. Members Rides
    so i just got my sides on, here is a little cellphone pic until i get my front lip painted and throw my summer wheels on, should have some professional pics up by next sunday.
  20. General Talk
    Ok so ive been searching the forums for a while now looking at all yalls cars and i was wandering a few things. 1. what lip kits fit a 05 coupe? 2. whats the best site to get them? i cant find any thing but the aero and kaminari. if i missed a thread sorry, the search bar wouldnt include lip in it
1-20 of 119 Results