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  1. Members Rides
    To whomever has Side Markers on their Civics, do you all have them work with the parking lights at night or just with the turn signals? (Pictures would be awesome too) ;-) (I have the Wire Harness hooked up with them from PasswordJDM) To get them to work for BOTH, I need to do RED WIRE from...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    so when i turn my car on and turn the runnin lights on for the car only the right side of my cluster will light up. i have to smack the dash for the left side to light up i thought it might be the bulbs but once i get it to come on it stays on. do you think i would have a short somewhere in my...
  3. Electrical
    I bought a set of Blacked out fog lights from pro-civic well first after learning how much I overpaid, the fitment was HORRIBLE, gaps all the way around, and looked very cheap. They are the Winjet brand (item: WJ30-0033-11) Which "brand" have most of you had the best luck with in terms of...
  4. General Talk
    I was thinking of converting my high beams to low beams or day time lights. is that even possible?
  5. Electrical
    for the oem fog light installation i was wondering about the fenders. in my 01 em2 the fenders have this im guessing metal lip.. and i was wondering if that would be any trouble when removing the bumber since the lip is partially on the bumper. any one know anything about this?
  6. Electrical
    I have this problem. Some guy on the freeway yesterday told me my brake lights weren't working. I went to check them and none of the lights work and nor does the third brake light. I've had 04 tails in an 03 coupe for 2 years ghetto rigged with no problems. Last time I worked on my tails was...
  7. General Talk
    Apparently I thought it was going to be easier than this lol. but i believe i need assistance. Did anyone else have trouble with their fog light install that was good with wires?:dunno:
  8. Electrical
    Okay, so about a few weeks I was driving at night. Headlights were on. Fog lights were on. I came to a red light and saw the reflection of my fog lights on the bumper of the car in front of me. I thought it was cool so for some stupid reason I pressed the fog light switch to turn them off, and...
  9. General Talk
    How are the EBAY fog light kits for 01 Civic coupe, any good? Do the harnesses and switches work and fit and everything? I heard some are mostly made for 01-03 style is that true? Let me hear from you gys who own them, i'm, not looking to buy something that doesn't work...
  10. Members Rides
    Finally got me some 04-05 tails and put them on yesterday! i know the car is dirty and this is a cell phone pic but ill get more better pics when the rain is over!!! what do you think?
  11. General Talk
    I'm think about purchasing a pair of oem fog lights for my baby...I first wanted the yellow ones, but now I think I might want the clear. What do you guys think would look better? Does one "out shine" the other in brightness?:dunno:
  12. Electrical
    i just got my new fog lights..but dont know whats goes where..need help with 2 plugs..
  13. General Talk
    I CANT FIND THEM :-( im looking for either 01-03 or 04-05 EDM taillights but cannot find them anywhere.... anyone know where I can get 'em? (i searched everywhere. :-(
  14. Electrical
    I dont know what the problem is but my drivers side head light keeps blowing even killed the hid kit, but in this process it blows both parking lights!!!! is this a manufactures fault or just a short in the curcit somewhere??? any other have this problem with the 02
  15. Electrical
    Is anyone running these right now? I wanna pop them in - think they look pretty good in the new Lexus, but if anyone has done this - post some pics, wondering if they look any good. thanks!
  16. General Talk
    can i use white led's as front parking/blinker lights and where can i get some that are pretty bright? i got some off ebay but they're not very bright so i put them above my license plate. thanks.
  17. Electrical
    can anyone help me find out why my parking lights do not work but, when i turn on my hazards or turning signals they will work? i don't know if it's the switch or what
  18. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I'm almost ready to buy wheels. And I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to two different ones: SSR Type C RS Forged 17inch 14.5 lbs Gram Lights 57 maximum Cast 17inch 17.5 lbs Right now the prices are about the same, give or take a few bucks which is negligible. They're almost...
  19. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    im running some 57 maxi. and i was wondering if 205/50/15 +38 offset would fit on my rim. im running 195/60/15 +38 right now. any advice? thanks.
  20. Electrical
    ive searched and cannot seem to find a diy for side marker lights, i know i have to use a dremmel or something to cut the holes in the fender, but does any one know where i can find the template to make sure they go in the right place, if i can get the template for them, i will gladly post a diy
1-20 of 66 Results