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  1. Off-Topic
    Anyone here has their CDL License? If so how long did it take you to acquire it? And where did you learn. I really want to learn how to drive those bad boys :D
  2. South
    I found this link the other day and thought I would share this statewide for all Texas people who want to roll with their plate in the windshield: There's a PDF file on this ruling...
  3. Electrical
    Is anyone running these right now? I wanna pop them in - think they look pretty good in the new Lexus, but if anyone has done this - post some pics, wondering if they look any good. thanks!
  4. Site News & Feedback
    We need a license plate frame for 7thgenhonda in my opinion. Thoughts? Clubcivic has a nice one, but i am never on there. This is the only site i really care about and i want to rep it on my car, but i am not a fan of putting stickers on it. For instance...
  5. West
    Sup Everyone in Nor Cal Crew that this may concern I was gonna see maybe for all car meets and shows what so ever we get the jdm license plate on it so people will not know our real License plate number so for everyone's safety and also will see a good look added to out sweaters we go to rep...
  6. General Talk
    does anyone have pics of a jdm license place relocator after its installed on the 2005 civic em2? i know its gonna be on the left side but i need to know where to bolt the part at and how far to the left i need to go. i dnt wanna go to far or else its gonna look if anyone can help...
  7. General Talk
    Ok so yesterday I get home from work, do some yard work, eat a FULL supper, crack a beer and start working on my car's suspension around 6:00 . My friend comes over and has a beer and then another and I have my second around 7:30. I get invited to the bar by some girls I know. So me and my buddy...
  8. General Talk
    need vendor license
  9. Off-Topic
    you fukks, post ur license... let's see who can't drive/buy liquor yet... CRY BABIES. :sm38: :sm38: :sm38:
  10. Electrical
    I need a list of all bulb sizes for the 02 civic coupe. I plan on changing the license plate, interior dome light, parking light, bulbs. Please post in this thread which bulb is which.
  11. Exterior
  12. South
    ok, i saw it on the news, and my dad told me that TX is not requiring to have a front license plate anymore. TX legislature's website search is down right now and after 30 minutes of searching, i can't find anymore proof...namely the law itself. anyone heard of this yet?
  13. Members Rides
    I have seen people on here with their license plate moved to one side. I was wondering how they accomplished that? Do you just have to modify ur bumper to hold the bracket off the the side?
  14. General Talk
    What should I get on my new license plate? I want a custom one but cant think of anything and im being forced to get a new one by the state of michigan (the new ones are so ugly!) Anyways, any ideas?
1-15 of 16 Results