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  1. Dont know where to post?
    I just got some winjet led tail lights but they don't plug into the original light plugs:nono: please help with instuctions!! Any help will be appreciated My car 01 es1
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hello! I joined the forum awhile ago, but now need to get some advice. Here's a picture of the gauges from my '02 civic at night. :)
  3. Dont know where to post?
    They are practically the same tail light, just different brands but one is cheaper. Is the quality of the LED lights in the WINJET as good of quality as the SPEC-D ones? I only ask because SPEC-D has theirs lit up and I like the look of them. WINJET SPEC-D
  4. Electrical
    Anyone used these guys before? Found out recently that a led bulb in my spoiler brake light broke off. causing a set of 4 lights to not work. Thought i might crack it open and fix it myself, but after inspecting more, i there's no easy way to remove the led strip without...
  5. Videos & Other Media
    I installed this over the weekend and finally programmed it last night. I bought it from BMP Designs.
  6. Electrical
    Hey Guys, This has nothing to do with cars, but still electrical. I am re-doing my room and want to make something unique. Back in December and I went to a hotel and saw LED under the bed frame which lit up by a switch. Now I want to do same concept, I found LED Strips on eBay for cheap, but no...
  7. Electrical
    i was just wondering if anyone had pics of their reverse lights ( or dome lights/plate lights) with the LEDs in? I'm mainly curious as to how bright the reverse lights are
  8. Electrical
    hey guys, i wanna do this led set up but i'm trying to figure out where this person hooked up the power and what not. -thanks
  9. Electrical
    Is anyone running these right now? I wanna pop them in - think they look pretty good in the new Lexus, but if anyone has done this - post some pics, wondering if they look any good. thanks!
  10. General Talk
    can i use white led's as front parking/blinker lights and where can i get some that are pretty bright? i got some off ebay but they're not very bright so i put them above my license plate. thanks.
  11. Electrical
    Found this site a while ago. curious who rocks anything these guys make. seems to be pretty dam nice that you can replace basicly everything in the car that lights up with LEd's.
  12. Electrical
    I just ordered some LED interior lights. The rear dome light acted like a bitch to take down. So i didn't mess with it to much. I didn't want to break it. How do i take it down with:dance005:out breaking anything?
  13. Electrical
    any ideas on how I would wire up these interior LEDs? and would it be possible to hook it up using my cig lighter and not my battery.
  14. General Talk
    i just bought an 578 led bulb for my 2003 lx with no sun soon as i tried to put in my bulb it did not work...hmm so i tried again but the other way and than i blow a fuse whats up guys any idea's...
  15. Electrical
    This place does a good job of outlining various parts used and how they all fit together step by step. i believe they re making led circuits for mini scale locomotives.
1-15 of 16 Results