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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Hey guys, I had my wife take her car to Jiffy Screwed yesterday to get the oil changed because there was a 3 hour wait time at the dealer and as soon as she drove it home (about 25 mins. mixed)we noticed a coolant smell. I popped the hood and sure enough there is coolant all over around the...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    UPDATED JUNE 14, 2011 Okay so I took some time last night to figure out the problem again. Turns out the IAC valve was still messed. I discovered this by covering the small hole inside the TB. As soon as I did this, the idle went down and stabalized. I took the TB, IAC valve and IAC sensor off...
  3. Mechanical Problems
    so i wen't to change my oil and noticed that the tranny is wet, looks like its coming from the plug (#10 on that pic) can i just tighten it or replace?
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Ok so after i did my trans/head swap, my car is now leaking oil from the driver side and it looks to be coming out between the block and cam pully. We attempted with a impact to get the cam pully bolt out but it didn't budge so we managed to swap the head and leave the cam bolt in. We didnt...
  5. Basic Performance
    :sadwavey: i've noticed that my 01 lx is feeling a little less powerful, although gas milage is still the same. actually even better since i've adjusted my driving habits ( 335 miles per tank in the dead of winter , CHICAGO winter that is ) no major noises or hisses coming from anywhere yet i...
  6. General Talk
    i have a water leak coming in from this area. im guessing its the pressure vent but idk how it allows water to seep in. what can i do to remedy this problem?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    OK, so I put my rad back in,filled it connected the fans and so on and so forth, started the car went "hey! it runs!":tup: and continued on with other endevours beleiving the rad was oky doky. WRONG I had the car running for like 10 min and i notice smoke coming out the hood. Not white or...
  8. Basic Performance
    k here it goes guys my friend says i have an exhaust leak but i dont even know wat that is except my exhaust could b broken or something like that. my question is how do i find out i have a leak, how this could have happened and also how do i fix this, do u think the safety check guys will know...
1-8 of 8 Results