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    Hey Guys, For all who have madden 09.....join my league so we can play against each other.....leage name is DjRabbi......also my username is djrabbi also soo yeah! Post up your user names!
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    lol, so i just wanted to show you guys this. Fabe said that awhile ago i know.. but lol i have adrian peterson playing tonight, he is projected like 13 points and he will get more.. i need 11 points to beat Fabe... haha
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    I spoke with Ryan (Mralbino) to see if he wanted to get a fantasy football league for 7thgenmembers going and he said he was down for it and so was I. Its all for fun anyways and costs nothing @ all. Once we get enough members to play, Ill set it up and pass along the details when they come...
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    If you are interested in joining a fantasy hockey league with the members from click this link: PW is eghb (lower-case) :blueflag:
1-4 of 4 Results