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  1. General Talk
    So i just got some new Megan LCA's. I was wondering whether or not the bushing would need to be lubed?
  2. Suspension
    So I'm trying to put my passenger-side axle back in, and it's giving me fits. The LCA won't lower down enough to put the knuckle back in it for some reason, the compliance bushing is holding it about horizontal. What's the best way to deal with this? I've got a buddy coming over later and...
  3. Suspension
    Does anyone know of a good lca for the 05 lx? I know that there is ksport out there but I just wanted to know if there are any others? Will si or rsx lca work for our cars?
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Hey i was wondering ,, if i install my LCA do i have to do my alignment agian? planning to install megan LCA??? anyone ever had any problems wit ?
  5. Suspension
    Just wanted to show you guys some mods that I just came up on. I hardly see any of these on your gens, but i see them all the time on older models. Lower control Arm Rear tie Bar
  6. Mechanical Problems
    what should i do, i cant find the socket for the lower control arms , it says 10 on it, there is three on each side
  7. Suspension
    well, here is the deal.... i bought some, and installed them, and they are a fantastic mod, but here is the kicker... i was going to do a DIY for this, but in my opinion, it simply is not possible to do at home.... here is a small list of tools needed to do this: 1 decent Impact wrench 1 air...
  8. General Talk
    like the title says, does anyone know?
  9. Suspension
    hey these are pretty new...came out early this month =D probably gonna pick them up =D skunk2 products are the shiznats
1-9 of 10 Results