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  1. Basic Performance
    I know we have discussed this before, but how exactly does the exhaust run (referring to my 03EX)? Is it header, to downpipe, to converter, to pipe (cat-back), muffler, then exhaust tip? More specifically, is there a down-pipe by its self, or is there a pipe that goes from the header and has...
  2. Basic Performance
    Whats available for the 01-5 civic Intake Aem Cold Air Aem Short Ram Aem v2 Injen Short Ram Injen Rd (cold air) Fujita F5 (cold air) K&N FIPK K&N Typhoon Top Fuel zero-1000 Weapon R Secret Weapon Header Dc Shorty (4-1, ceramic or polished) Dc Race (4-2-1, cat delete, only ceramic) Top Speed...
1-2 of 2 Results