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  1. Suspension
    After looking at many forum post about suspension options I've noticed a couple things: First, prices have gone way up over the year and many of the former budget options are no longer much cheaper than the nicer stuff. The blues are not that much cheaper than the yellows for example. Second...
  2. Suspension
    OKAY, i know ive posted about this many a time but ive found a company who stock suspension for the em2 in the uk within a reasonable price range....... im looking at getting the bilistein rear shocks for the civic as my oems have gone, with what sort of drop am i going to get i got 45mm drop...
  3. Suspension
    Hey guys I have a koni yellows. I installed the rears already and am in the process of doing the fronts. To get the koni strut into the oem, did you guys use a press or just a mallet. I afraid of damaging if i hit it with a mount. Any suggestions or should I just grow some balls? lol
  4. Suspension
    ok im a newb so gotta bare with me with all the lingo...just got my ground control sleeves n koni yellows yesterday. my cousin (whose worked on other honda's but EM2) and i tried to install them today but were having trouble with the front struts. the oem shocks would not come off cuz it looked...
  5. Suspension
    So i am getting these from djrabbi here by the end of this week, probably on friday or saturday. I was curious, how is the ride on these, and also im getting an spc camber kit.. what is the advantage to the kit specifically.. i have a vague idea. My main question, how is the ride, i plan on...
  6. South
    None are blown and koni's are modified into stock housings. I want an iphone + cash. Or a good laptop.....holler at me.:domo:
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    Here are some pics I took from the Grand Am Koni Challenge at Watkins Glenn this past weekend. I was there in attendance because one of the road race Scion tCs we sponsor, was competing under BGB Motorsports Group in the ST class. It was a great 2 days, all of the BGB fam welcomed us, and the...
  8. Suspension
    ok ok i want to get a new set up on friday but cant decide i no that the progress kt is more exspensive but better in performace but this will only be used for daily driving i want something that will last and i can dumped it stupid low without buttom out and shi......!i heard that gc and koni...
  9. Suspension
    looking for a small but noticable drop ( La roads own lowered cars). I have been seeing alot of bad reviews to the tein's so this is why i ask. tein s techs for 145 shipped, or koni sports for 170 shipped. anyone riding on either give me ur opinion on them please. also i will be riding on...
  10. Suspension
    i was wondering if anyone here bought the koni yellows for an 01-02 civic. i know the back struts are a direct replacement but ive heard you have to cut the shock out of the housing for the fronts. anyone have any info about the install?
  11. Suspension
    Just got these in tonight. Fully adjustable struts. Got them for just above $600. the directions are just pics of what to do but from what i gathered, its not too bad. Take out the stock inserts and put these in. I'll take pics and possibly a DIY when I am done.
  12. Suspension
    By Keith Buglewicz, Keith Buglewicz ^^^who wrote it, from honda tuning magazine The suspension changes made to the seventh generation "EM" Civic have rubbed a lot of people in the aftermarket the wrong way. It has little to do with technical snobbery. Sure, it'd be nice to have double...
1-13 of 13 Results