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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    So I had to take mine off for some repair and paint work and in the meantime I'm rocking the custom "Huskey" shift knob. had to post pics of this cause I was ROFLOL when I first put it in, but hey it actually works, Thank god it's only for 1 day. BTW for those still trying to figure it out...
  2. General Talk
    For my honda civic 2002 lx coupe, i want to remove the stock knob and put something better looking. went to the acura dealership the other day looking for the 5 speed rsx shifter, that turned out to be $80! lol.. i guess I dont know about knobs. Q: I am wondering if stock 2007 civic shift knob...
  3. General Talk
    I bought this auto shift knob... I took off the stock one, put this one on, and then I couldn't take the key out. I think it isn't going into park enough. I'm confused. How do I fix this?
  4. General Talk
    Hi guys. Do all honda shift knob have the same thread pattern. Thanks in advance.
  5. General Talk
    I am kinda picky but very cheap anyone got a good shiftknob thats cheap for sale or can tell me where to get one? its just for a daily driver...nothing more I want something that I can go on long trips with and not cramp up...I type on a computer 12+ hours a day so my hands hurt...
  6. General Talk
    Hey guys ! PLEASE don't flame me for this :smile: I bought a CF shift knob for the civic. I know how to get the factory shifter off,the only thing is,what are the plastic caps that come with the knob,do I need to use them ?
1-6 of 10 Results