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  1. Photography Contest
    Thank you to everyone who submitted! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  2. West
    We have 40 cars for the show already , and room for alot more We are Hosting our very first Meet in 9 years , If you are in the area please stop by we are having , Raffle Awards Go-carting Food all at one place up north :eek2: Any questions please give James a Call @ 707-592-2777 All...
  3. Mid Atlantic
    Looks like they are starting cruise night again at Raceway Park on the first Tuesday of the month. For those that haven't gone you get one free pass down the track.
  4. South
    copied from another forum for those that didnt attend last year, heres a picture thread from another site
  5. South
    Just a meet and greet type thing. Install stuff if you need help, hang out at my place for BBQ and Drinks... We can drive somewhere for pix and stuff. Toss out ideas what you guys would want to do... I'm a lazy mother fucker that likes to meet people and just talk about whatever, so i'm down...
  6. West
    Im new to this forum but i frequent others quite a bit. i heard about this one from a member on civicforums. anyway we're holding a monthly meet at angeles crest hwy on the 21st of june and was wondering if any of you here in socal want to join us. here's a list of people coming from different...
  7. Members Rides
    Had a tie between 2nd in the first poll so, we will have 5 instead of 4. 1. Bonkeythe7thgen 2. RHCP0801 3. Rollen01 4. NoVice 5. TOENail
  8. Members Rides
    PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE RIDE OF MONTH (JUNE) WINNER Please vote in Voting #1 Poll -> 1. Guccipimp 2. metalviper 3. EM2-S 4. Steve 5. Themoogly 6. RHCP0801 7...
  9. Members Rides
    PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE FOR THE RIDE OF MONTH (JUNE) WINNER Please vote in Car of month (june) voting #2 thread -> 1. SDHondaRider 2. Cenz 3. 5Spoke 4. Klectic 5. Rollen01...
  10. Members Rides
    Submitting is CLOSED Please vote for your favorite cars! Voting Thread #1 Voting Thread #2 Top 2 from Voting #1 and Top 2 from Voting #2 will be submitted into the final...
1-10 of 10 Results