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  1. General Talk
    Anyone know how to transfer ipods to diff pc w/o erasing the music thats on it .... got a new laptop and want to add it to my pc....
  2. Electrical
    i was looking on ebay for a dock to put my ipod nano 4Gen in my civic but they all look cheesy... i found a few diy on google but nothing interesting... does anyone have an idea for a custom dock or a suggested product?? im looking for something that would look nice and slick
  3. Electrical
    I would like to play my ipod in my car. I have a pioneer 3800 headunit and i have already tried the ones where its goes through the radio. Terrible experience for me. I want to have a direct line going from my ipod to my hu but this has to be done behind the hu. So i was wondering if there was...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    So Ive been doing this thing where u sign up for things like filling in ur email address or zip code or what not and then u get points depending on what the offer is and on top of the points each click count as 1 entry for a daily drawing for a free ipod and guess what?? I won last week!! The...
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    Anyone got any other ideas? Here's one I made. All you do is make three layers: Black, white, and color. Just trace over the picture, make a new layer, then fill.
1-5 of 5 Results